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By Team Radius on June, 26 2021

How long have you been in real estate?

Since 2013.


Have you held other roles besides Realtor?

Team Leader in Real Estate World / Retail Management. 100+ employees.


Where are you based?

East Bay Area is where we call home. Contra Costa and Alameda Counties


What’s your team name and what does your brand stand for? 

Rise Group - We are a one stop shop that can help you through a lifetime of service. Real Estate/Lending /Insurance /Home Renovation. We will get back to you on more of a slogan.


Is your team currently recruiting?

We are. Our team is currently expanding in Contra Costa and Alameda counties. We're also expanding in Solano, San Joaquin, and other areas. If agents are interested in joining a team that has Zillow Flex leads, 1:1 support, a culture of accountability and business growth, and Team Leads that have 10 years of real estate expertise, we look forward to speaking with those agents. We want to help agents grow their business. Other perks of Rise include our in-house lending line, our in-office gym, and our commitment to a creative, positive, and action-oriented sphere of business. 


What’s your favorite thing about being a Realtor?

I love helping my clients in one of their largest chapters in their lives. The joy of handing over the keys or selling their biggest asset never gets old.  


What surprised you most about working in Real Estate?

The complexity of a transaction. There is an art of the transaction which is a mix of great communication, expertise, and enthusiasm to get the job done. That is not learned overnight.


What do you wish you knew when you started as a Realtor? 

I’m glad I knew nothing—LOL. I loved being able to learn everything with a fresh perspective with the ultimate goal of making my clients happy. This made me understand how to connect with my clients' goals and help take them to the finish line with raving reviews.


What’s new in your market?

This market is never dull. The constant demand for inventory, low rates and large expectations with needed changes in peoples lives during COVID has just put so much more pressure on real estate professionals. Keeping up with the needs of our clients is becoming more and more of a challenge in today's market. Staying ahead with the latest tools and marketing always allows us to have the best edge and the time to continue to build those needed relationships in our network to bring the best opportunities to our clients.


Where is the market headed?

If I had a crystal ball I would be a bagillionare. The market is headed for another turn of events. In the micro climates of the Bay Area, the market is constantly evolving and it is always a changing math equation. Whether it be supply vs demand/job rates/inflation/price of gas or lumber we are always having to use that math to better understand who is our client and what neighborhood they are buying and selling in. With such a dynamic climate we have to keep our ear to the ground to be able to give our clients the best advice to make some of the biggest financial decisions of their lives.


Why did you join Radius Agent?

Being able to help grow from the ground up was very enticing. Knowing that I can help impact a brand on a larger basis to impact dozens, hundreds, and eventually thousands of agents by some of the hard work, processes, and feedback I am able to give was something incredibly enticing. Being able to work with some of the best brains and partners here at the Rise Group was more than just icing on the cake but the key ingredients that will allow this to grow to legacy status.


How is Radius Agent different from other brokerages? 

The want to be able to serve the agent from everyone on the corporate side. The marketing, transactional support has been nothing but phenomenal. The yearning to make an agent happy has always been very apparent. The relationships that senior leadership has and the understanding of how tech relates to real estate has helped the acceleration of our teams business.


What are some lessons/insights you’d like to share with newer agents? Older agents? 

POST-CLOSE is everything. Maintain every relationship you create in real estate. There is automation so it makes that statement achievable. Perception means a lot—market yourself! Don’t be shy or afraid to do it. And for you older agents….its never too late for new tricks.


What are some words to live by that you would like to share?

Be good to the Real Estate Gods. When you are doing active work to make the business happen they are watching and the business will come. Probably not from where you were working on, but it is coming!

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