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Amber Huber, Managing Broker of Colorado, Q&A

By Team Radius on June, 24 2021

How long have you been in real estate?

I would answer my whole life! I got my license in 1997, however, I grew up in a Real Estate family! I jokingly tell people that most babies get a pacifier…I got a Lockbox!


Have you held other roles besides realtor?

Yes, my #1 role is Mom. I have an amazing 16 year old, David. As far as the workforce goes...yes to that too - and I have always come back to Real Estate! I have said I will die a licensed Realtor. It’s what I know best. I’ve had to supplement my income at times in this business - especially as a single mom - and Customer Service is the same no matter what industry! I also started a cleaning and staging company as an enhancement to my business to help my clients and other Realtors too. Even today, I just helped one of my clients clean up her house - she just couldn’t do it by herself. Selling a home is not just about price and’s an emotional challenge at times and a mental strain for most clients. I do what I do best. Problem Solve. Help in any way I can! Whatever it takes!


Where are you based?

Windsor, Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley and more! Northern Colorado has been my focus, however, I have had clients that have purchased and sold homes in Thornton, Westminster and Littleton as well.


What’s your favorite thing about being a Realtor?

Helping clients get a home when they didn’t think they could - and helping Seller’s get the most or more for their listings - homes or land. Knowing we worked together to help them make their dreams come true!


What surprised you most about working in Real Estate?

The way technology has changed throughout the years. We used to write contracts on NCR paper and had to pick up our printed MLS books!


What do you wish you knew when you started as a Realtor?

To stay consistent and persevere! 


What was your favorite sale?

Just one? I have so many!!! I would start with one of my first sales...Linda Lane. The Buyer’s didn’t think they would ever own a home...due to finances and that they owned a trailer in a park. I was new to the business and had the attitude to do whatever it takes. Way back then, I learned about selling Mobile homes. No one else wanted to do it. We successfully closed on the Buyer’s new home and that Christmas the 7 year old boy sent me a thank you note saying that he never had a fireplace to leave cookies out for Santa and that he could that year because I helped them get into a new home.

The other was learning about Feng Shui and helping Buyers build a Custom home to their specifications - and learning how to make Gyoza (Dumplings) at the closing party with the new home owner while wearing safety goggles!

One of the best days I had was the day I got three under contracts...on the 4th of July while on my Harley. I was out ridin’ and I had calls from Buyers that wanted to see homes that I showed ‘em and put them all under contract!


What’s new in your market?

Multiple Offers with outrageous prices and appraisal gap provisions. And lack of inventory!


Where is the market headed?

I believe that with interest rates still so low that it will continue to be a strong market for 2-4 years. It will continue to be predominantly a Seller’s market due to supply and demand. I think we will see an influx of rental properties go on the market because the state of Colorado is pushing for rent control. I also believe that we will see condominiumizing commercial buildings into multi-family units as they have been sitting vacant for sometime due to the pandemic and more people working from home.


Why did you join Radius Agent?

I welcomed the opportunity to take my Real Estate Career to another level. Radius Agent Realty is leading edge and has a strong core value system. The welcoming environment and belief in everyone’s success on an individual basis - not just the company bottom line. The co-founders Sanya & Biju both reflect the integrity and personal dedication that I wanted in a new brokerage. Radius Agent has and will continue to help me hone my skills in management and sales, as well as allowing me to share my experience and knowledge to our team. It is a synergistic relationship with personal and professional balance. The care and willingness to support agents in their greatness is evident in all aspects of our company.


How is Radius Agent different from other brokerages?

Radius Agent is a flat fee brokerage - so the agent can keep the majority of their commission. We offer systems to enhance their streamline success with technological support & our own Lead Generating System. We allow agents to run their business the way they want to (while still staying compliant). This means they are able to sell as many or as few homes as they want to. We are low pressure - we don’t have any sales goals that you have to meet. Also, agents are not expected to recruit. They are compensated if they bring someone over to our brokerage, however, again it is what they are comfortable with. We don’t set any requirements for recruitment. We also focus on individual development! We help agents create their own brand. We have support systems for training as well as a mentoring program + we have our management team that is available to support agents almost anytime - since we are an online brokerage we don’t have to wait for the office to open.


What are some lessons/insights you’d like to share with newer agents? Older agents?

Always stay honest and with integrity! Always! Customers/Clients and Brokerages may only have your reputation. Make sure you keep your business and your reputation for doing business with honesty and integrity. Everything else can be taken away.


What are some words to live by that you would like to share?

Real Estate is an amazing way to make a living and have fun doing it! The best advice I was given by one of my first Brokers is that clients don’t care what you know - until they know you care! Care about your clients as if they were family. Most of my clients are dear friends to me...almost like family...I do care.


Radius Agent is an online brokerage focused on helping agents succeed. With Radius Agent, you keep 100% of your commissions while getting 100% support from our team.

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- June 26, 2021

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