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Pro Tips from a Pro Agent: Meet Jeero Habesian

By Team Radius on March, 29 2022

We sat down with real estate veteran and Radius R&D Team Lead Jeero Habeshian to discuss his unique story and how he has found meaning in his career. We couldn’t have asked for a better story to highlight, and we’re confident you’ll walk away as inspired as we are.



On finding your “Why?”

Jeero’s real estate career started like many others. Full of curiosity and drive, he took the initial leap after college and got his license. From there, his career path took expected twists and turns – also par for the course in real estate.

About 15 years ago someone asked him, “What is your why?” and Jeero reflected on that question for six months. Family has always been a priority for Jeero. Showing up for his son’s games and being physically present was at the top of his list. When his wife was diagnosed with cancer, got sick and recently passed away, he knew how critical it was to be able to care for her. Jeero’s real estate career provided the flexibility and stability to make these priorities a reality. His career and network also sustained him during other periods of personal loss: both his mother and brother have also passed away.

Real estate also allowed Jeero to make an impact in others’ lives. “The greatest feeling is to hand somebody the keys to their new home, especially if it’s their first home,” says Jeero. “They’ve struggled for years to put that money away and now they are fulfilling one of their biggest financial goals and dreams.”

This feeling fuels many of us who work in real estate. While the industry can be competitive and volatile, it opens the door (quite literally) to making an impact on your loved ones and community.

Mentor and be mentored.

For Jeero, real estate is not just about making the sale and earning commissions. For him, real estate is about the opportunity to serve others as they embark on a significant step and investment in their lives. It enables him to guide and mentor those around him.

Jeero is incredibly passionate about mentoring through the Radius community and you can often find him dropping little nuggets of knowledge in the Rooms. As he told us, “Life isn’t about ourselves. Life is about the people around us.”

Know your audience & clients.

Empathy matters to Jeero - so much so, his real estate agency Ethos Realty Group derives its name from the Greek word meaning “empathy”.

Approaching client relationships with empathy opens the lines of communication and allows him to support and guide clients in the right ways. Selling and buying property can be stressful and overwhelming. Clients and agents routinely run into the same obstacles throughout the buying and selling process again and again, which can be very discouraging. By stopping to listen to problems as they arise rather than trying to solve them right away, allows clients to work through issues and arrive at the answer on their own. From the agent’s perspective, the solutions can seem very simple, however the client may feel a great deal of conflict and concern. By helping to block distractions and focus on the issue at hand, the client can often come to the right answer on their own.

Jeero summarizes this philosophy nicely: “Most of the time you don’t need to lead the horse to water so they can drink. You just have to walk by their side.

Find your network.

Having owned his own brokerage in the past, Jeero knows the hard work, money, and time a business needs to be successful. It only took a few short conversations before he knew he’d found the right fit at Radius Brokerage.

“First and foremost, I love the people at Radius,” Jeero notes. “It’s heartwarming to be in the tech and digital world and still be surrounded by such amazing people. You can look in their eyes and tell they are good people who believe in the team.” Radius Brokerage offers first-in-class technology to support every step of the sales process: from signage and personal marketing / branding, extensive training and mentorship, cash offers and other pre-sale services, and comprehensive back-office support optimized by technology. Radius Brokerage is currently active in California, Colorado, Georgia and Texas, with new rollouts throughout 2022.

Additionally, Jeero finds immense value in the Radius Community app that connects him to over 78,000 agents nationwide. Via the app he finds a variety of recurring sessions discussing real life client/agent scenarios to industry trends and market data, and frequently hosts his own Rooms. The Radius Community encompasses agents from all 50 states (and Canada!) who are part of this supportive, collaborative network. Despite the size of the network, it’s the individual connections that reaffirm Jeero’s decision to participate in this community.

It’s no secret that the real estate industry can be a bumpy road. Jeero reminds us why we chose this industry and cultivated this community of mentors and peers to support each other.



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