Radius Agent Summit in Review

By Team Radius on November, 9 2020

At the first-ever Radius Agent Summit, co-sponsored by the Women’s Council of Realtors,  we harnessed the power of a single day to bring together 12 real estate experts and hundreds of attendees from around the country. The Radius Agent Community was founded on the notion that true innovation can only happen when we come together, empower one another, and disrupt business-as-usual by combining communication with technology. If you weren’t able to tune-in live, you’re in luck. Keep reading to see highlights from our all-star lineup of panelists.

Sure-Fire Ways to Double Your Referral Business

In this panel, Women’s Council leaders Kate Kelley, Brenda Lee Szlachta, Carrie Jo Little, and Sylvia Seabolt shared their unique insights on effective methods of growing an agent-centric referral business. Believe it or not, it is possible to get 100% of your leads from referral sources using these pro-tips from our panelists:

  • Send out a monthly (yes, monthly!) mailer to current clients, past clients, and to your referral network (i.e. friends, family, and colleagues likely to refer business to you). This mailer can have a casual and friendly tone, but should be sure to include market updates (Carrie Jo Little recommends InfoSparks and MarketView Broker for data collection )along with any other creative value-adds you can think of. Be sure to follow-up by email!
  • In addition to email campaigns and holiday texts, Sylvia Seabolt takes a personal approach to her referral business. Sylvia recommends delivering a pie on Thanksgiving Day or gift wrap as the  Christmas approaches. In regards to mailers, Sylvia recommends sending out branded NFL Football calendars. Check out this site to order some of your very own!

  • Set an intention to pick up the phone and reconnect with past clients. Play a game of “phone roulette!” Pick a number, scroll to that contact in your phone, and make the call! Simple as that.

These Women’s Council all-stars had so much industry knowledge to impart. Watch the full replay of their discussion here.

How the Pandemic Changes Real Estate

In this keynote discussion, Real Estate Tech Investor and Former Trulia CEO Pete Flint and best-selling author Scott Oyler shared their diverse perspectives on the impact of the pandemic on real estate and discussed what they believe the future holds for the industry:

  • Pete Flint called on listeners to reflect on how trends in other industries (such as online shopping) are reflected in the real estate industry. Now more than ever, having an online presence and a user-friendly buyer portal to view available homes is integral for a healthy real estate business.

  • As you are reaching out to past clients and leveraging your network to seek referrals, bear in mind that we’re seeing a mass exodus of people from densely populated (and expensive) cities such as San Francisco to areas with more space where the cost of living is lower. We might be living in unprecedented times, but make no mistake: the housing market is still booming. With the right mindset, Q4 of 2020 and Q1 of 2021 can be a landmark time for your business.

  • In a ‘virtual workplace” instantaneous communication is vital (and expected) for building customer relationships. Pete and Scott challenged listeners to consider creative and thoughtful ways to stay connected with buyers virtually. Need ideas? Look no further.

There’s no doubt about it: adaptability and creativity are must-haves in today’s “quarantined world.” Want to listen to Pete and Scott’s whole discussion? Tune-in here.

Simple Selling: Not Salesy, Just Super Compelling

In this discussion led by visionary coach and mentor Jane Copeland, viewers were called to confront their own biases around this notion of being “salesy.” Jane promised simple, actionable advice and she delivered. The greatest takeaway from her session? Practice active listening with your clients and watch your self-judgement and worry about how you’re being perceived dissipate.  Watch the recap here.

20 Questions with #TheInvestorsRealtor

In this discussion, we had the incredible opportunity to talk with the one-and-only Rashauna Scott, renowned as #TheInvestorsRealtor and the Founder of Flippin’ In Heels, a community for female real estate investors. Rashauna spoke about how she’s developed a unique brand, embraced a niche specific to her strengths, and how she’s overcome challenges along the way. Some highlights:

  • Embrace the fact that you are a walking brand whether you like it or not. With this in mind, consider the strategic possibilities offered by social media. Shift your mindset and embrace social media marketing. Need ideas? Head over to this Radius Agent blog article for actionable tips to help you get started.

  • Let your passion guide you. “You are what you attract.” Don’t hesitate to pursue specializations, embrace unknown niches, and carve out a niche for yourself. Radius Academy is a great place to start!

  • Put out the content and the audience will come. Do not underestimate the ability of quality content to attract the attention and audience you desire.

Want to hear more from #TheInvestorsRealtor? Watch the recap here.

Marketing Every Listing Like It’s a Luxury Listing

There’s no doubt that every listing requires a unique marketing approach. Moderated by Radius Agent Realty’s Director of Broker Expansion, Michael Bardales, this panel featured Texas Real Estate Agent Mariana Pearson, Florida Real Estate Agent Veronica Figueroa, and Colorado Real Estate Agent Delroy Gill. Together, these experts sought to answer the question: Is it possible to market every listing like it’s a luxury listing? The answer is yes. Here’s how:

  • It’s a misconception that million-dollar homes are the only listings worthy of staging and strategic marketing efforts. It’s your level of customer-service that is the key to treating every listing like a luxury listing.

  • Create a custom approach to every listing. Whether the sale price of a home is set at $250k of $1 million, walk through that listing with a “buyer’s eye” and use that as the focal point in your staging and marketing.

  • Remember, your listings are like your resume. As buyers are considering whether they want to work with you,  they will be looking at the tactics you’ve used to support your past customers: Are you using a professional photographer? Are you taking care to appropriately stage homes prior to listings? Your attention to detail matters.

Watch the full replay here.

Our mission at Radius is to make the lives of realtors easier; it’s why we started and it’s what gets us up in the morning. The success of the Radius Agent Summit reminds us what can happen when we harness the power of our one-of-a-kind community. From all of us at Radius Agent, thank you for being a part of our community. 

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