Congratulations, We've Made It Through A Global Pandemic!

By Rebecca Brooks on July, 6 2021
Dear Radius Agents,

This year has been like no other. Who ever could've predicted that we would all be sharing the 2020 experience of a global pandemic? Shut-downs, lay-offs, supply shortages (TP, anyone?), hastily put together home offices, and everyone having to learn how to Zoom - those are only a few of the new challenges that we've all had to deal with together. Hopefully you and your family have made it through these trying times without too much struggle and heartache. I belong to a lucky family that didn't lose any loved ones to the virus; my heart goes out to those who did, including one of our very own Radius agents whom I knew well. 
It was a tough year to be a REALTOR. We filled out hundreds of PEAD's, wore masks that hid our smiles for our clients, and maybe our hands experienced more alcohol than our mouths—with all of the sanitizing going on. The rules and forms seemed to change every month. For some of us, perhaps the more introverted type of agents, the lockdown allowed us the time to focus and become more efficient in our systems; it gave us the freedom to stay home and hunker down and get organized. For other agents, the type who thrived on face-to-face SOI (sphere of influence) meetings, we had to learn how to channel that need into more home-based marketing efforts that still kept us in touch with our fan club.
I think that we've all grown from this experience; probably the one lesson that we've all shared is that we need to be flexible and adapt our skills to meet our current situation. Real estate doesn't stop; the need for housing is a business that doesn't just grind to a halt. If you've made it this far, through 2020 and thankfully to our recent "Opening Up" of California this past month, give yourself a huge pat on the back for getting through this unprecedented and crazy year. We made it! We've endured some stressful events and I'm sure we have all personally learned a bunch of lessons about perseverance; let's continue to share and support each other and thrive as Radius Agents. 

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- July 6, 2021

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