How to Write a Real Estate Agent Bio

By Team Radius on July, 1 2021
how to write a real estate agent bio

When searching for an agent, buyers and sellers are seeking an expert for their particular transaction type. As they research agents, they will likely end up on your professional bio. This space on your website or social media can be used to reach out to your target client by displaying your top strengths as an agent. Do you want to work with more first-time buyers or sellers? Multi-family and commercial investors? Your bio is a space to highlight your skill set and the types of transactions that you’d like to represent as an agent.


Talking about yourself and your accomplishments can be difficult, but potential clients want to know why they should choose you to be their real estate agent to represent them in likely one of the largest transactions of their life. Your professional bio is a great place to show buyers and sellers how you can best serve them as they trek through the daunting real estate process. 


Your clients need to understand what makes you the best person for the job. So if you had another career before you became a real estate agent, you don’t need to go into an in-depth description of your last position. Simply pull out the skills that you learned from that experience, and how they have translated into success for your clients as a real estate agent. 


Below we are going to discuss how to write a bio that will generate more leads! 


How long should a real estate agent bio be? 


Keep your agent bio short and to the point, around 200-300 words maximum. You want readers that end up on your website or your social media to learn why you are the best agent for their situation, but if you provide them with too much information, they are sure to click away without reading to the end. People want to get to the essential information they are looking for as quickly as possible. 


Choose a tense for your bio


Before you start writing, decide which tense you want to write your bio in. Professional bios are typically written in third person, as if someone is talking about you and your skills (i.e. Emily is a top-selling agent in the DFW area). If you want to use “I” and “me,” social media is a good place to write a first-person bio. In the first person you will be speaking directly to your clients as yourself. For example, “I put my clients’ needs first” and “my real estate philosophy is….” 


Bio outline


Your bio should only be 2-3 short paragraphs that cover the most important pieces of who you are as a real estate agent. Your bio isn’t a resume, so highlight the key information about yourself and what you will achieve for your clients. 


Below is a template for a short new real estate agent bio: 


First paragraph: 

  • Sentence 1: Open with your business’ mission statement, or a line about your community and your knowledge of the area you represent.
  • Sentences 2-4: How you put your clients first and why you are the best person and agent to support their needs.

Second paragraph:
    • Sentence 5-6: A brief background on your experience or where you went to college. Include your skills as a real estate agent, either from your extensive experience, or skills that you gained in a different career that translate into real estate.
    • Sentence 7: Here you can highlight any quantitative metrics about your business that you believe will stand out to buyers (i.e. yearly sales totals, deals closed, etc.)
    • Sentence 8: The end of your bio is a great place to talk about your interests if you have any hobbies or facts about yourself that you want to pass on to potential clients. It doesn’t hurt to briefly highlight your interests outside of real estate to display what you do when you’re not closing deals.  


Identify Your Target Audience


Who are you trying to speak to in your professional bio? Do you want to expand your relationships with sellers? In that case, if a seller ends up on your page, tell them what you have to offer. Go into detail about how you are available for showings on short notice, your tireless work ethic throughout every deal, and your ability to be an honest guide for your clients as they navigate the real estate transaction process. 


Even if you don’t have extensive experience in real estate yet, you can touch on skills you learned in your previous career. If you used to work in sales and marketing, touch on how you will utilize the skills you honed in that job to create beautiful and custom marketing materials for each client, including specifics such as professional photography, high-quality listing descriptions, and staging. 


Previous Career Experience Example: “I work closely with sellers to ensure their home looks beautiful for every showing, and that the property is being seen by the widest range of potential buyers. My prior experience as a financial advisor allows me to honestly advise my clients to let them know they are making a smart decision for their future.” 


Questions to Ask Yourself When Writing a Bio


Sometimes it helps to interview yourself to identify who you are trying to reach in your professional bio. It may sound silly, but sitting down to take these notes may help you learn about goals you didn’t even know you had for your business! 


If you’re not sure where to start with your professional bio, consider asking yourself the series of questions below:

  • What are your strengths as a real estate agent?
  • In what way do you best serve your clients? (i.e. exceptional marketing materials, rolodex of contacts, always available for showings, contract negotiation, etc.)
  • What do you want to accomplish with your business this year? 
  • Who are you trying to reach with your business?
  • What type of property do you specialize in? (i.e. luxury homes, fixer uppers, etc.)
  • What skills from your previous career translate into real estate? 


Using these questions, you can identify a target audience for your professional bio. 


Bios for Social Media 


Social media platforms have different limitations and character limits for bios. Customize your information to best suit the platform and the clientele that is most likely to see your profile. While Instagram may reach more potential buyers, your LinkedIn might be more visible to other agents.  


Instagram (maximum 150 characters) – With such a small space to talk about yourself, pull out the most important aspects of your bio, including your location, who your target client is, and what type of transactions you specialize in (i.e. first time buyers, luxury residences, condominium sales). Instagram is a popular place to utilize thoughtful emojis in your bio as well. 


Realtor Instagram Bio Examples: 

Los Angeles-Based Real Estate Agent

Radius Agent – First-Time Buyer Specialist  

Send me a message today [Phone Number]


Radius Agent – Austin, Texas

Buy – Invest – Sell with me today

Call/Text [Phone Number] 


LinkedIn (maximum 2,000 characters) – On LinkedIn you can go into a little more detail about yourself than on Instagram. LinkedIn is where people on the client side and the agent side are likely to view your profile, so you may want to highlight how you collaborate with other agents to ensure a transparent and honest transaction process, and other details that could be helpful for another agent to know if they end up on your LinkedIn profile. Your agent relationships can be just as important as your client relationships.  


Twitter (maximum 160 characters) – If you utilize Twitter for your business, keep your bio succinct and to the point. This bio can be similar to what you have on Instagram. 


How to write killer real estate bio samples:


  • [Name] is a skilled negotiator who always puts her clients’ needs before her own. 
  • With a previous career as a marketing manager, [Name] understands the importance of professional photography, staging, and first impressions when listing a home. 
  • [Name] understands that real estate transactions can be complex, and spends extra time with his/her clients to ensure that they have a clear understanding of every step of the process. 
  • [Name] is experienced in reading contracts and has a wide network of interior designers, house cleaners, and landscapers to make sure your home is displayed in the best possible light for showings.  


Be Yourself


Now you have a toolkit to write an impressive and concise real estate agent bio yourself! Take these ideas and make them your own. While there are guidelines that will make your bio appeal to potential clients, most of all—be yourself. That authenticity will come through in your words and showcase your true passion for real estate and serving your clients. 

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