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Small But Mighty: 3 Secrets to Help Small Teams Close

This week, we sat down with Ohio realtor Michael Azzam of The Azzam Group to get the scoop on how his small team of five managed to close upwards of 300 transactions in a single year. While sales of this volume are rare to see among small teams, with Michael’s pro-tips, you too can have a record-setting year in 2021. But, your work begins now.

Michael Azzam is one of those agents who put simply, does the work. What’s perhaps the most inspiring about his success story is his humble beginning. Before Michael became a top-performing realtor, he was a night-shift nurse, working at the hospital by night and showing properties by day. With a work-ethic like that, it’s no wonder he was able to transform a small team into a lead-conversion machine.¬† How did he do it and how can you do it too? Keep reading.

1. Utilize technology to operate at maximum efficiency

michael azzam recommends radius assistTake the time to identify and integrate tools, technologies, and systems that will maximize your efficiency and your output. In addition to basics like having a top-notch administrative staff and transaction coordinator, Michael attributes much of his business’s success to Radius Assist, our premiere lead qualification service. By taking the time to staff up and integrate cost-effective, high-value tools, you’ll streamline the lead nurturing process and minimize missed opportunities.

2. Expand your geographic radius

While the importance of setting yourself apart as the “go-to” agent in your neighborhood (a trademark of the highly successful marketing strategy known as “real estate farming“) cannot be undervalued, Michael challenges you to expand your reach to surrounding geographic areas as well. Simple as it may sound, people buy from people they know and trust. With a bit of strategic outreach, you can increase your name-recognition, close more deals, and “own” several neighborhoods instead of just the one you live in.

3. Treat every client as you would want to be treated

When it comes to lead generation and client  retention alike, play the long game. Starting from your first touch-point with a potential client, offer value via an insight-packed buyer consultation. Not only will this approach build trust and demonstrate your expertise, it will also increase the likelihood that the relationship will extend beyond a single transaction and into a year-long partnership.

Ready to take your business to the next level like Michael? Schedule a call with one of our account coordinators a call to learn what Radius Assist can do for you.

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