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Growing Your Agent Brand

If there is one thing successful agents will emphasize is their brand. It’s what sets you apart from other agents, establishes your value, and is especially useful during times like these. The journey to becoming a top agent and well known in your community is based highly on what is being said about you. Whether it comes from you or others, it starts here. 

“People are going to want to work with you because they trust you but they trust you because of what your brand is.”

-Delroy Gill, Broker Associate for Liv Sothebys 

Perhaps you’ve seen quite a bit on this topic but not as wholesome as what we’re about to get into. I wanted to share with you my perspective as a Marketing Professional in tandem with insights from top agents themselves who found success through the ‘08 recession and are continuing to do so with 3 completely different approaches, personalities, and values all of which are what makes their brands unique.

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Establishing Your Brand

Take a look at the values you hold as an individual and ask yourself how that applies to the way you work with your clients. As Tasha Beckman, Team lead of Mama Bear Team put simply: “You are unique, figure out your nature and build your business around that because then it won’t feel like work”.

There is no reason to emulate another’s brand especially if it doesn’t come naturally to you. Being honest and not modest about what you offer to your friends and family and now clients can set the stage to align with your goals as a business and a brand. Identify your values and what you appreciate about other people and what others appreciate about you as a person and as an agent.

If the above is challenging, another way to audit yourself is to “identify your ideal client, know who that is, and know what is going to attract them. Create that and be that” Stacie Staub, Founder of West + Main Brokerage emphasized. This reverse approach shows you what you are by thinking about the people you would like to interact with and work with. Both are viable, both will give you answers as to your purpose, vision, mission, and values which will be the heart of your brand.

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Messaging, Identity, but Mainly, Protecting all of the Above

Before getting into how to leverage your brand, identifying our tone, taglines, value proposition and visual elements is what makes it easy for clients to remember you. These elements are simple but powerful and should all represent the heart of your brand as described above. 

Think about Nike, Adidas, and Allbird shoes. All three provide you with the same solution however, you still probably like one more than the others. Why? It’s how they convey their brands and how you relate to each of them. Nike is heavy on athleticism, Adidas is strong on street style, and Allbirds on simplicity and sustainability. This is how simply you and others should be able to identify your own brand. 

Additionally, make sure that the effort you are putting into developing your brand and relationships is not only going to your employer or broker. Stacie Staub is all too familiar with this scenario as it’s a common one for those she mentors: “I talk to agents who are recruited as buyer agents or as assistants straight out of real estate school and they spend 2-3 years building someone else’s business.” 

This is a nightmare you can avoid; don’t be afraid to negotiate and find a collaborative culture that also allows you to sell yourself individually.

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Strategizing with Branding in Mind

Distinctive to identifying your brand, actually leveraging your branding is how you will grow your business. Analyze how people interact with different mediums: websites, ads, fliers, events, emails, texts, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the list can be endless. Every channel is it’s own and notice, I didn’t bucket social media. 

If you’re going into your channels only with a lead gen intention, your efforts will go unnoticed. Rather than forcing your sales pitches, your objective should be becoming a reliable resource and creating a community with consistency. This approach will build your clients’ trust and growth. 

No matter where you are in your real estate career, you are your own business and brand. It’s essential to be resourceful and strategic in all of your efforts but especially in establishing your brand and leveraging it to your advantage. Be the voice for yourself and make it easy for others to follow. Only through the community you build and consistency will you see the results that will take your career to the level you desire.

Highlights from our Featured Agents

Stacie Staub started West + Main with 3 yard signs and became recognizable by consistently reinforcing her brand through various online channels and community. West + Main continues to grow and is well known in their community: “It serves us well to invite the community into our spaces. We hang local artists’ work in our galleries (which are really our offices) and have first Friday events.”

Delroy Gill focuses on building his lux real estate brand and community through many channels including social and by hosting events. He has successfully leveraged his social accounts of over 20,000 followers to reinforce his brand, reliability, trust, and to be a resource to potential clients and agents alike: “It’s like my own personal magazine; all of the content has to reflect who I am.”

Tasha Beckman’s brand is a unique and strong one. Mama Bear Team focuses on probates and takes all the additional hardship of selling a home off the shoulders of her clients. “Everything from coordinating all repairs, services, and the transaction itself and only collecting payment at closing to take the financial and time burden of an already tough process” Tasha explains. Her approach is one that all her clients appreciate and voice strongly. From her name to her communications her value to her clients is clear.



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