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4 Priorities of Proactive Agents During a Crisis

You may be asking yourself “In a transaction based on trust and relationships, how can we perform in a time of isolation?” We put this question to the test with four real estate agents from the Radius Agent community, all in different career stages and distinct locations. It would be easy to assume each would have a different plan, however, these agents are taking a proactive approach with the following four common priorities.

First a little background on each agent.
  • Del Rounds, CRS, GRI, CDPE, holds over 25 years of experience and is a Founder of Rounds Tackett and Tucker Home Group in Scottsdale, AZ. 
  • Doug Dewitt has close to 20 years of experience and is with Help-U-Sell Real Estate, a flat-fee brokerage out of Winter Haven, Florida. 
  • David Ramirez, located in Pueblo, CO,  is with RE/MAX Associates and is off to a fast start in his real estate career starting over 2 years ago. 
  • Mike DuBois, with The Cutting Edge Realtors in Colorado Springs, CO, has just started his career in real estate and has a promising career ahead of him.
Here are the priorities they are focused on:
Priority 1: Looking out for team or colleagues
It’s imperative that agents are taking, not only the safety of their clients but the safety of their teams and colleagues very seriously. Del Rounds, whose team is a perennial finisher on the RE/MAX Top Teams in the US list, is “continuing to fire on all cylinders” with his team, taking growth and development during this time very seriously. “Communication is very important to us. In this time, we are making sure that agents can join the sales meetings, practice social distancing, as well as tune in virtually”, Del said. With a little extra downtime, it seems like the perfect time to grow as an agent. Del mentioned his team is sending sales tips through text as well as Facebook Live to make sure his team is staying engaged. When it comes to his team showing homes, Del is making sure they are staying safe and protecting other real estate agents. After showings, they are disinfecting the home for any other agents conducting a showing. “It’s important that all agents do their part in protecting each other”.
Priority 2: Protect Clients
As the virus lingers, it would be easy to assume that buying interest would cease. However, it doesn’t seem to be the case, we’ve all taken a bit of time to digest our societal changes and the pandemic itself. Now, clients and agents alike are finding ways to go on with their lives where they can but it’s important to put the clients’ safety first. Although clients in areas without the shelter-in-place mandate may still request showings, there’s more than one way to meet their needs without putting them and yourself at risk. David Ramirez and Del Rounds reported receiving an in-contract through a FaceTime showing. Doug Dewitt has been using 3D Tours of every listing and the neighborhood. Additionally, buyers’ and sellers’ agents are communicating when showings are ongoing and complete as a precaution. I’m sure you’ve heard the hand-washing, feet apart, and wipe down run-down enough, therefore, we’ll leave that part out.
Agent doing a virtual showing
Priority 3: Maintaining trust and relationships with clients
A real estate purchase is most likely the biggest investment of a clients’ life and it’s crucial that their experience is just as grand. In a time where face to face contact might not be possible, realtors need to find creative ways to connect, maintain trust, and fundamentally provide value. David Ramirez tells us his approach: “If I’m on a showing over FaceTime I’m making sure I’m pointing out any problem areas I see in the home, and showing my clients to make sure they know exactly what they are buying and are not caught off guard, the only way a deal will move forward under these circumstances, is if trust is built with your client”. Mike DuBois is also taking the necessary steps to ensure his clients are taken care of and knows exactly what they are looking to buy. Mike mentioned he adds a tape measurer to his virtual showings. “Rooms will often look different in video than in person. If I’m on a showing over FaceTime I’m measuring the room and having my clients compare using their tape measurer, just so they understand the actual size of a room”, Mike explained. “If they can’t be there, I want to make their showing as real as possible”. Trust is built from a career focused on understanding your client’s needs and having their best interest at heart. It is crucial to every sale and speaks to what makes you unique as an agent.
Priority 4: Building your brand
There is no better time to focus on your brand than now. Mike DuBois is conducting a weekly giveaway for clients who like and share his videos on social media. Each of his videos contains a new topic about the market, keeping clients informed. Uniquely, Doug DeWitt is not only focused on building his brand through quality content but is also helping local businesses get more exposure. “During this time it’s important to stay up on social media and have a constant presence, but it’s also important to remain a supporter of the community. Even something as small as posting restaurants specials or menus goes a long way”.
No matter the approach you choose to have during this time, it’s important to remember that the coronavirus is temporary but the service agents provide is not. Agents will always be imperative and this time isolation is an opportunity to act and prioritize efforts rooted by your values and clients’ best interest. I have no doubt we will continue to run a successful business and especially if we are protecting our team and clients, focusing on maintaining trust and relationships, and building our brands.

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