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Real Estate Agents Thrive with Collaboration

Before March, the real estate industry was experiencing more action in the last 3 years than it had in decades.  There haven’t been many changes to compensate for the paradigm shift in the industry since the 80’s which has made every real estate agent’s transition to virtual heavy new reality perhaps more difficult than it needed to be.
So, what do agents need to do to stay on top?  Who’s going to win and who’s going to lose out in this race to the center?  Where is the industry headed?  These are the questions we ask ourselves every day at Radius Agent.
Agents are absolutely relevant and that’s not going to change.
Now, more than ever, you need each other.  If you are wondering how others are staying top-of-mind and keeping leads/clients motivated for the time to come, we urge you to ask.  And if you have tips and want to be a thought leader, share! Because this WILL pass, and if agents stick together, brainstorm, and share how they are keeping their clients positive and looking forward to their future, the amount of leads that convert will be much higher than if everyone spends their time reinventing the wheel.
At Radius Agent, we’re passionate about uplifting agents and strongly believe that if agents team up, you are all stronger.  Together, no tech, no new business model, no brokerage firm and no pandemic can stop you no matter the circumstances.
Collaborating with Other Agents  
For every question, there are agents who have perspective.  For every tip, there are agents grateful to read them.  For every discussion, comes creativity and brainstorms.
Public Profile 
Here’s an example of how your public web profile will look and should look like.  Make sure to keep your profile updated so that people are more likely to respond to you and remember to connect with others to expand your network.
Radius Agent is a free application that empowers real estate agents by providing them with a combination of a collaborative platform and concierge services.

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