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New Updates to Radius Assist

Along with our Team Plan Launch, Radius Assist now has incredible new upgrades for individual agents! 

The updates have been centered around two core themes – Transparency and Customization. 

Our goal for Radius Assist is to free up agents’ time so they can focus on ready clients in a cost-effective way. We know we can qualify clients better than any in-house ISA because we are constantly learning and improving our approach across a wide range of scenarios. However, some common concerns exist when any business function is outsourced – “How will I know what’s going on?” and “My business is different than others. A cookie cutter approach will not work”. 

With our recent upgrade, we answer both of these questions. 

We now make sure you have complete clarity on our engagement to feel comfortable that your leads are being engaged in the right way. Also, we allow you to modify our outreach content and approach to suit your business needs.


We now have a dashboard that allows you to see how many engagements we’ve made for each client, all the communication we sent their way and how much time you’ve saved by not doing this in-house! 


You can now customize our approach. Want us to only text and call your clients because you’re emailing them already through a different drip set up? We can do that! You want us to only call, with no texting and emailing? We can do that too! In addition, you can customize the text messages we send your clients on your behalf. Want to refer a specific Facebook campaign, go ahead. Want to refer to us as the ‘assistant’ or the ‘office manager’? You can do that as well.  

We hope you’re as excited about these new updates as we are. We love feedback, so let us know what you think!

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