Community Update: Real Estate Agents Need Each Other More Than Ever

The last 2 years has seen the most action in the real estate industry ever since Keller Williams changed the industry completely back in the 80s by providing agents with higher commission splits.  There is a big paradigm shift in the industry since, questioning every single assumption made in the last 50 years about it.  If real estate sales were to start today, the infrastructure that’s needed will be completely different from what we have today.
So, where is the industry headed?  Who’s going to win and who’s going to lose out in this race to the center? What do agents need to do to stay on top?  Do they really need large brokerage firms any more? These are the questions we ask ourselves every day at Radius Agent.
Agents are absolutely relevant and that’s not going to change in our Lifetime.  
At Radius Agent, we strongly believe that if all the good agents team up, there is no tech, no new business model, no brokerage firm that can stop them from controlling the market.  For this, every agent should try to build their own personal brand rather than represent other brands. At Radius, we provide tools that empower real estate agents and the agent community as a whole.
Radius Agent is a FREE application that empowers real estate agents by providing them with a combination of a collaborative platform and concierge services.
Public Profile 
To build your own personal brand, you need to build a strong identity.  With Radius, you can set up your public profile page which reflects all your business information, your listings and most importantly your activity in the community.  Here’s an example of how your public web profile will look and should look like:
Collaborate with Other Agents 
We launched Radius Communities where agents can leverage other agents in the network to make giant leaps in decision making, marketing their listings, work with agents on deals, exchange referrals and their earnings. To get the best out of the community, just post about anything you want to talk about that can make you a better real estate agent.  For every post of yours, there are agent experts who can teach you something new.  For every listing of yours, there are agents who have a buyer for it.  For every search of yours, there are agents who have listings that will be a perfect fit.  Strangely, to become independent today, agents must leverage other agents in the community.
Ask and Answer Questions 
“Better to ask a question than to remain ignorant”
Our network is filled with agent experts in different domains and topics.  Don’t hesitate to ask about anything that can help you become better at buying and selling real estate and establish your own personal brand.
IMB_QhY5H1 (1).GIF
Send and Recieve Referrals 
Just in the last 6 months, we have seen referrals worth $2.5B in property value being exchanged on our platform. And we haven’t even started yet. We have the best agents in all cities and zip codes.

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