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Alex Tooke – Radius Agent of the Week

We here at Radius Agent, we pay great attention to pick up on every tiny detail that sets one agent apart from the other. We understand that every process involved in closing a deal is of great importance no matter how small or big the process may be. Every week we showcase an agent with the work they do on the Radius Agent App, the biggest referral network for real estate agents.

Meet Alex Tooke

Alex, a Colorado native, is the co-founder of The Peak Properties Group. Alex and his husband, Derek Weber (co-founder), started the group back in 2011. He has built his business in an unconventional way, by creating a team environment being different than the traditional model of the real estate industry. He loves meeting people and building strong relationships with others in the business. You might find him at home with his corgi Kaia, his cat Gracie, and his husky Colby.

Alex focuses on quality and educating himself on everything he possibly can. One of his virtues is he’s a self described “sponge”. You will always find him listening to podcasts, exploring new ways doing business on the internet and always developing way to improve.

Real Estate has created an atmosphere for his passions fusing customer service, business, and creativity into one. He believes that you should put your passion and your business together into something you want to accomplish in your life and hopefully it will become your career. Success is sweet and many small business fail within the first year. Success so far, has been earning a good reputation for the Peak Properties Group. For Alex this means that the reputation you have and want will become one and success follows which has not come easy.

Alex on the Radius App

We asked Alex about how she has benefitted from Radius so far and he said, “Radius has been nice to have on the back end as a safety net to call all of our older qualified leads. Getting those leads back into the system for our team. Radius is nice because it’s flexible, their transparent and super easy to work with getting our databases transferred, and getting feedback. We are seeing results at an affective cost for us! Thumbs up for us with Radius Agent.”

Alex has been very active on the Radius Network, and works closely with the ISA Lead Qualification team.

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