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Kristen Stuecher – Radius Agent of the Week

Radius Agent of the week.

We here at Radius Agent, pay great attention to pick up on every tiny detail that sets one Agent apart from the other. We understand that every process involved in closing a deal is of great importance no matter how small or big the process may be, which is why we choose an agent every week to showcase the work they do on the Radius Agent App, the biggest referral network for real estate agents.

Meet Kristen Stuecher

As a founding team member of Climb Real Estate Group, Kristen Stuecher has more than a decade of Bay Area real estate sales experience and over $400 million in closed transactions, while continuously ranking with top San Francisco real estate professionals in total sales production and among leading agents nationwide!

We asked Kristen how she could do it making it seem so effortlessly, and she said, “I grew up in the Midwest in NE Ohio and I remember my mom taking my sister and me to the “Parade of Homes” which were beautiful model homes for new development near where we lived. I was immediately interested in the architecture of the home and was inspired by the interior design.  I also grew up with exposure to my parents managing their own portfolio of rental investment properties, so I guess you can say Real Estate has always been in my blood.”

“After graduating from college, I moved to San Francisco to work in the Fashion Industry as a buyer for Macy’s. One of the aspects of that job that I enjoyed the most was learning the art of negotiation. Through friends and acquaintances (I’m always networking), I met 2 of the founding partners of CLIMB Real Estate and from there the rest is history. “

“Ultimately, I chose to leave the corporate world to become a Real Estate professional because I was drawn to the autonomy of entrepreneurship. There are so many ways you can drive and grow your business.  I also appreciate that the industry and markets are never static, every day is different and there is something new to learn from every transaction.”

Kristen on the Radius App

Real estate agents gain most of their business through referrals, and Kristen being a part of the Radius Referral Concierge Program told us how much she loves being a part of it!

“I have been on both sides of the referrals (both given and received) and I appreciate how smooth and seamless the introductions have been.  From a time savings perspective, it has been invaluable. It is great to know that the agents in the Radius network are top-tier professionals who have already been vetted as the best in their local markets.”

Dedicated and professional, Kristen makes sure each and every client receives expert guidance with the goal of creating clients for life.

With a focus on detail and clear communication, distinguished properties she has sold include single-family homes, condos, lofts, multi-unit buildings, and new construction. She utilizes new technology and continuous education to stay at the forefront of her industry.

Kristen works very closely with the Referral Concierge Team, and is very active on the Radius Agent app!

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