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Agent Spotlight: Holly Campuzano

Thrive in a turning market

While 2019 is still kicking in, experts predict that the real estate market would take a turn in the not so favorable direction – the year will mostly see a flattening market with not a lot of growth.

2018 did start off very well, with real estate sales soaring high as the sky. But the prediction is mostly based on how the year transitioned towards the end, leaving homebuyers with very little choice and setting them on a wild goose chase, and the prices! Let’s not forget about steep prices. Sellers didn’t exactly live their dream either, considering the competition.

To get a deeper insight, we spoke to Holly Campuzano, Broker, CRS, with over 25 years experience in the industry. 

With all that went down, here’s what Holly had to say about the shift in the market.

“Those that succeeded in 2018 were already preparing back in ’08.  We never wavered or lost our momentum.  We continued with a Formula for winning the best contracts related to multiple offers and counteroffers.  This year, for instance, I put together a team in Santa Barbara.  The house was a tear down that went into contract for nearly six figures over List within four hours.  All parties were happy.  Realtors will continue to represent multiple offers regardless of the interest rates or cash flow.  People will find the money if they want something.  Our fiduciary duty is Disclosure, Disclosure, Disclosure and then Close it, everybody wins.” 

Well said!

And, what about 2019?

“As there continue to be inventory constraints, home buying remains and, an expensive proposition as many speculate when the housing market will hit its peak.  Everyone has to live somewhere, regardless of the peaks and valleys, interest rates, debt to income ratios, intergenerational challenges, cash flow, and bucket lists.  I happen to live where people vacation.  The dialogue often includes interest rate in most regions.  I suggest, buy what makes you happy, live your happy dream and get a clever CPA in order to, offset the rising interest rate which will potentially reach a mere 5% in a year from now according to Fannie Mae.  As median sales prices rose 3.8% from a year earlier, amid a 1.8% annual uptick in home sales.  In 2019 median home prices are slated to increase 2.2% according to Realtor.Com, while sales will drop 2% leaving room for the savvy Home Buyer and Investor.” she said.

Lead Generation

With everything happening in the industry, how does one scout for leads that eventuate into a close? Referrals. 

While the market slows down, referrals still remain to be the #1 source of leads to real estate agents.

Holly said, “For over 25 years in the Real Estate industry, it has always been and will continue to be word of mouth and Referrals.  I collaborate with the best Brokers who only want to best for their client base. Together, with each other, we share in the prosperity and giving back to our communities all across the United States.  I scout out the happiest, most giving and honest Brokers who tend to be the easiest to work with, by the way.   We build one another up and never tear one another apart.  I have made more money by giving someone back their client in a community setting, than what I often see in this industry which is hoarding market share.” 

Holly, after sharing her views with us, gave some valuable advice to people starting out their careers in the real estate industry!

“Shoot for the Moon and if you miss you will at best land in the Stars.  I made a fortune in my 30’s and watched Realtors tear one another apart and call the Commissioner for no reason but to intimidate and stir things up.   I attached myself to wise and kind Brokers who were not greedy, and that is the real Secret.  Also, knowing the Contract as a breathing instrument is more important than bragging on your website that you are a multimillion dollar producer; which nearly everyone is eventually.  Nobody cares that you are the Number 1 Realtor but rather, that your client is Number 1.”

That’s some great advice right there!

Meet Holly Campuzano

Holly serves the National Council of Real Estate Specialists to further the integrity of Housing and Urban Development. She is dedicated to serving the unique and sophisticated needs of high profile Tech and Media professionals along with Pro Athletes taking a comprehensive approach to Foundations and Endowments. With roots in the East Bay Area and over 25 years of combined Consulting Management experience throughout the Central Coast, she is truly a real estate industry expert!

Her foundation in business was forged as Mortgage Banker for First Alliance Mortgage, and later as Intermediary for Chemical Bank’s Merger & Acquisition arm, The Geneva Companies later a Citibank M&A boutique, which lead to the Wells Fargo Bank Corporate office in San Francisco, to oversee Loan Integration and Business Development for the Southern California-Orange County Region. 

Her Major undergraduate studies was at Cal Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo concentrated in Applied Psychology and MIS. She has been recognized by Humana Healthcare earning the Outstanding Care Management Achievment of Excellence Award (2016).

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