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Peggy Belflower-Eckman – Radius Agent of the Week

Radius Agent of the week.

We here at Radius Agent, pay great attention to pick up on every tiny detail that sets one Agent apart from the other. We understand that every process involved in closing a deal is of great importance no matter how small or big the process may be, which is why we choose an agent every week to showcase the work they do on the Radius Agent App, the biggest referral network for real estate agents.

Meet Peggy Eckman

Peggy is an Associate Realtor at My BCS Home. She specializes in Property Management and can assist in any real estate needs!

We had a chat with Peggy to learn more about her and what she does.

Radius: What does it mean to you, to be a real estate agent?

Peggy: “I wanted to be part of a career where I could help others achieve their dreams while reaching for my own. And being a real estate agent means just that!”

She also added – “I’m strongly motivated by the fact that I get to be my own boss! This gives me a great deal of flexibility and I get to spend time with my husband and my three kids while giving back to the community, which is so important to our family while providing for our family!”

Radius: What made you sign-up to the Radius ISA Services?

Peggy: “Cold Leads are very important to our business. They may have not been ready at the time when they first came in and we may not have always done our best in keeping up with them.”

The Radius ISA Program will take each of our cold leads and reach out to them on our behalf, warm them back up and then pass them back over to us. It is all about the relationship with the leads and Radius helps us to recreate that!

We also asked her to give some advice to someone who’s just starting their career in real estate. Here’s what she had to say.

“I would tell them to make sure they take the time to find the right brokerage and be certain to have processes in place at the starting gate so that they are able to be successful from the get-go!”

“Get organized and keep a daily planner/journal and have someone hold you accountable. Be goal oriented and strive to achieve beyond your goals. Ask a well-seasoned agent out to lunch and learn from them.” she added.

Peggy on the Radius App

Peggy has always been in the business of creating memories and helping see that dreams come true. It was only natural for Peggy to move into Real Estate. Now she gets to help people find your ideal house and turn it into their dream home. Superior Customer Service with a smile is her number one goal.

“It’s Not About the Transactions, but about the relationships.”

Peggy is very active on the Radius Agent app and works closely with the Radius ISA team!

Peggy has been using the Radius ISA Program for a couple of months now and she seems to be loving it! The ISA team quickly followed up with her cold leads and qualified them on her behalf. Peggy is now helping these clients find their dream home!

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