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New Year’s Goals for 2019 and How you can Accomplish them – Real Estate Agent Edition

With the new year fast approaching, all of us tend to reevaluate the choices we made this year. One way for all of us to break out of this never-ending retrospection is to make goals for 2019, and more importantly, a plan to accomplish them. A greater part of new year’s resolutions usually fail, but don’t let those be yours the coming year.

Now’s your opportunity to take a seat and set up a rundown of everything you wanted to get done this year, but did not quite make it. And, make a list of things you’d like to accomplish in 2019.

#1 – Keep yourself updated with the Market Trends

Real Estate business is exceptionally unpredictable and competitive, which makes it vital for you to keep tabs on the industry consistently. Make some time once in a while to find out about the patterns, so you gain brownie points from your clients for providing a quality, end to end service.

#2 – Organize and Prioritize

It can get crazy when you’re dealing with one too many things at the same time. Sort out your day by organizing your errands that add the most value, and deal with them first. Have a vision board that lets you know the status of your work at all times. A visual stimulus is an extraordinary way to spur yourself to release that Fired Up real estate agent from within you.


#3 – Update your Website (or get one)

Give your website a makeover by experimenting with layouts and color schemes. Hire a professional to help you with optimizing (SEO) your website so that your clients can easily find you, conduct research on your competition and see what they’re up to, replace your headshots with new ones. The end goal is to have a website that fills in as an asset for your clients.

#4 – Create more and more content

People swing to the Internet for everything without an exception nowadays. With so many agents out there contending for a piece of the real estate market, it’s easy to get overlooked by potential clients. Write blogs on your website that help your clients understand the work you’ve done, that indicate you to be expert you are. Create your own personal brand by educating your clients.

Becoming a go-to for all things real estate is the only way you can remain relevant to the industry.

#5 – Take center stage on Social Media


Having a strong presence on social media is extremely important because your success relies directly on the personal connections you make. Social media allows your clients to learn more about you and vice versa. Bid adieu to outdated marketing methods and make frequent posts on different social media platforms to engage your clients, increase your brand awareness, and generate leads.

#6 – Showcase yourself on the Fastest Growing Real Estate Network

Radius Agent can potentially help you stage yourself so your profile is viewed by millions of people who need to buy or sell a property. With Radius, you can grow your agent network by interacting with other top real estate agents, propel your business by submitting and receiving leads, maintain all your business activities in one place using the CRM, and have all your leads qualified.

Showcase Yourself on the Fastest Growing Real Estate Network – Radius (1)

#7 – Reach out to Local Businesses

Build relationships with your local community by establishing ties with local businesses that can be mutually beneficial. Host your events and gatherings at a coffee shop, and in turn, they can help promote the event on their social media, hand out marketing material to their customers.

#8 – Embrace Technology

Technology has a solution for every single one of your problems! Regardless of what you need to do, there’s an application or a product that can enable you to perform better. Get yourself acquainted with the various apps you can use and find a bunch of them that work best for you! We’ve made a list of apps you can try to give you a head start.

#9 – Focus on Client Experience

Invest time and effort to truly understand your client and cater to their needs. Create an emotional connection with your client and show them you care about what they want. Be patient and answer all their questions so they aren’t left in obscurity about anything. Make sure to capture their feedback, which can aid you to improve your services.

#10 – Take a Load Off

The most important of them all, allow yourself a breather and enjoy time off of work! Go on a vacation, get some family time! Create yourself a work-life balance and try to remain along the lines.


How you can accomplish your goals

No more unrealistic goals – Make sure your goals are achievable in a specific span of time and can be measured throughout. Your goals should be as specific as possible, and relevant to your business, of course.

Always remember the Endgame – Write down your goal and backtrack it to analyze the best steps you can take to reach the goal. If you end up losing sight of your goal, reroute.

Stay Positive – At times, you may have a lot on your plate and it can get overwhelming to pick up where you left off. Simply go back to #10 and start over!

Let us know how what your goals are for 2019 and how you plan to achieve them!

Happy new year! 🙂

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