How you can throw a Kickass Open house and Market yourself to the top this Holiday Season

The holiday season can be especially dull since the market “freezes” during the winter, or so they say. Most sellers give putting their property on the market a “cold” shoulder, most buyers remain patient until the new year kicks in to find their new home. But, snow happens whether you like it or not! If you’re helping your client sell their property, here’s what you can do!

Christmas open house

Of course, an open house event plays a very important role in selling the house. Allowing you to directly interact with potential buyers, an open house event will also work towards marketing yourself as a business. Show-off your skills to your guests and in no time, you have leads and referrals coming your way!


Christmas Decor

Let your guests feel warm and welcomed right from the start! Take opportunity of the holiday season and make your open house a winter wonderland! Choose from the many beautiful color schemes that scream Christmas – gold, champagne and rose gold, pastel pink, beige and cinnamon with a hint of orange, shades of red with gold and champagne are some of the hottest Christmas colors!

A beautiful, well-decorated tree with wrapped presents under it, gingerbread and eggnog, a plum cake, sparkly serial lights, and a mild, warm scent of vanilla will surely bring in the Holiday Spirit! Don’t forget to make the outside as appealing as the inside! Make the home inviting by clearing snow from the path. Light up the path to ensure the walkways are visible. Also, place a noticeable signboard so that your guests can find their way easily.

Most of all, don’t go overboard with your decorations. This can make your effort seem stuffy and cluttered. You want your guests to focus more on the house rather than the festivities.

Market Early and Efficiently


Make sure to reach a broader audience especially in this season! Start marketing your event asap on different platforms. Feature your event in your blog and social media. Set up an email campaign to let all your contacts know about the event. Make sure to promote your open house on the Radius Agent app to ensure other real estate agents know about it too!Do a sneak-peak of the event on social media, especially Instagram Stories, after you’re done staging the property. Signboards are very helpful in attracting more guests to your event. Get creative or hire a professional to design a fetching banner that people simply cannot resist.

Safety first!

Again, make sure the pathways steer clear of snow. Get rid of any icicles from the plants so no one gets hurt. Place a mat at the door so people can enter the house mud-free. Provide a coat hanger at the entrance so none of the wet coats make their way into the house.

Most festive decor is expensive and fragile. Make sure to keep those away from children’s reach. Remember to keep valuables out of sight to avoid any bitter experiences later on. Keep a first-aid kit handy in case of accidents. Let’s not rule anything out!

Engage your guests


Make sure your guests are not bored throughout the event! Keep them occupied by engaging in conversations in small groups. Discuss the neighborhood, the features of the house, local trivia. Don’t shy away from talking about the work you’ve done in the past, but also make sure you don’t seem like you’re bragging. Host a contest or a treasure hunt to make the event more fun and engaging.

Timing is everything

Let’s not forget that it is Christmas! Everyone wants to spend time with their family and loved ones. Be respectful of your guests’ time and work your schedule around when your guests can best take part in your event. Next, populate your CRM with the details of your guests and follow-up with them soon. Add them to your email campaigns to keep them updated with your activities.

Christmas Real Estate Marketing

apple-apple-devices-business-205316What if you’re not selling a property at the moment? That shouldn’t stop you from marketing yourself and your business! They these and you simply cannot fail!

Social media is truly your best friend during the holiday season! Leverage social media to the fullest and host contests online. This is super engaging and it doesn’t require a lot of effort from your end or your clients’ end.

Photo Contest

Ask your followers to post a picture of a beautiful Christmas tree or a well-decorated living room. You can also ask them to post the picture with a unique hashtag so it’s easier to follow the contest. Choose a winner and send them a holiday present!

Christmas giveaway

At this time around, the internet is crawling with giveaways. Create simple rules to enter the giveaway, like – follow/subscribe, share on social media, and pick a winner. Don’t forget to post a glimpse of what the giveaway is! This will surely motivate people to follow you and take part in the giveaway.

Festive Blog-athon

Blogging and blogging are quite the rage! People love to know what you’re activities are! Keep in the theme and write about new latest listings, your neighborhood expertise, and the upcoming events, and keep them going! Research locally to find out what your readers expect and write about it. Don’t forget to market your content on social media!

Christmas Card

Be it an e-card or a postcard! People just can’t resist Christmas cards! You can find hundreds of free templates on the Internet to create your own card. Better yet, hire a pro to help you out. Don’t forget to include your signature and logo because you are marketing your business! You can also request for testimonials in return!


Your readers definitely want to know what the latest market trends are. Set up a monthly newsletter where you can mail your readers exactly that, along with your most recent listings so they can get a first look at the properties.

The list goes on!

If you’re having trouble finding the perfect holiday gift for your clients or marketing your business, look no further!

With all of that said, don’t forget to catch a breath and enjoy the festivities!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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