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How to Keep Your Business in Check This Thanksgiving

It’s already that time of the year, the holiday season. Although they say it’s essentially the worst time of the year to put a property on the market, it doesn’t mean you can’t make compelling utilization of this opportunity to put in some work that can bring you business later on.

The holiday season is perfect for you to thank your clients, do some effective marketing, and keep all those important people in touch. So, let’s get cracking! Here are some fun ways you can market your real estate business amid the season!

Be thankful for the referrals you received 


A referral is truly a real estate agent’s best friend. It’s the most effective means of income for an agent, no doubt. Revisit your past clients and agents who referred you, and thank them. It’s a wonderful way for you to remind them that you’re still in business, that way, you can earn more referrals if someone is looking to buy or sell property. Thank you cards and pumpkin pies are great gifts for the season.

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Throw a dinner party


Who doesn’t love a good turkey, gravy and potatoes! Let your past and future clients know how much you appreciate them by treating them to a Thanksgiving feast. Pump up the holiday spirit by placing a message board for your guests to write what they’re thankful for. Create some warmth by lighting a few candles at the dinner table.

Spruce up your website


Update your website’s content with your latest pursuit, along with tips and tricks that can help your readers buy or sell real estate during the season. Get into the festivities by incorporating the season’s colors into your website. Orange and white, beige and gold, pink and grey are some of the hottest color schemes that make your website pop!

Drive Traffic to your Website


Email campaigns work well to say “Thank You” to friends and family. Make use of Social Media during the season because everyone will be posting pictures everywhere! Blogging and vlogging during the festivities are always trending, and you won’t fail to attract more and more viewers. Direct all engagement to your website because all that work done on it shouldn’t go unnoticed!

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Build relationships to grow your Business

Another great way to meet potential clients is by hosting events like get-togethers and contests. A costume party, pumpkin roll contest, treasure hunt are some fun activities you can plan for. Throw in some customized, holiday-themed merchandise for the winners and giveaway baskets for all your guests.

Showing you care about your clients, friends, and family is really what Thanksgiving is all about!

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