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William D. Moye – Radius Agent of the Week

Radius Agent of the week.

We here at Radius Agent, pay great attention to pick up on every tiny detail that sets one Agent apart from the other. We understand that every process involved in closing a deal is of great importance no matter how small or big the process may be, which is why we choose an agent every week to showcase the work they do on the Radius Agent App, the biggest referral network for real estate agents.


1524852572835026460Having been a resident of Greenwich Village for more than 15 years, William has an impeccable knowledge of New York City. He initially moved here to attend New York University, where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, after which, William worked in financial services in the field of Marketing for 9 years. This enabled him to sharpen professional skills, as well as a sensitivity to understanding his business partners’ desires, which has enhanced him as a Real Estate expert.

All of William’s clients have loved working with him because he’s an ultra professional real estate agent that takes his clients’ needs very seriously and works diligently to get them the type of home they desire. He’s relaxed, easy going, and patient, giving his time to his clients to truly understand what they need. Looking at what the market has to offer and matching the clients with their most ideal possibilities, William gives his clients everything they need in order to make a powerful choice that they will be happy with.

William’s method of combining a market-centered approach with a refined holistic point of view has resulted in superior results for his clients.

William goes above and beyond to accept clients to ensure they have been assisted to the best of his ability by effectively engaging on the Radius Agent App. He’s also a part of the Referral Concierge Program.

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