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The Ultimate Real Estate Agent Checklist – Listing Presentation

If you’re a real estate agent, you surely know how chaotic it can get during a listing presentation. With everything happening, there are one too many chances that you may forget what’s really important. For you to stay on top of the game, we here at Radius created a checklist that you can look at, so you never have to forget anything!

# 1 on the Ultimate Real Estate Agent Checklist – Dress for Successdress-for-success

Presenting yourself as the professional you truly are, not only impresses your clients but also can boost your confidence like nothing else! Put together a power outfit that’s not just visually appealing, but also helps you work like a boss! Comfort is key, don’t forget!

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# 2 on the Ultimate Real Estate Agent Checklist – Update yourself with the Local Market Trends

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If you’ve been in the business for a good minute, you’re definitely aware of what an impact it makes to be updated on all things Real Estate. Not that anybody is testing your knowledge, but your clients would want to work with an agent who knows what they’re doing.

# 3 on the Ultimate Real Estate Agent Checklist – Promote yourself to your leads

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It’s very important that your leads are aware of the kind of work you’ve done in the past, and the best way you can help achieve that is by promoting yourself as a business. Business cards, fliers, and social media are your best way to go. Share these with your leads whenever possible just so they know they’re in good hands.

# 4 on the Ultimate Real Estate Agent Checklist – Be “all ears”


Your clients, whether they are buyers or sellers, will have questions and concerns regarding their transaction. Listen to them and help them resolve their doubts. This also helps gain better clarity for you as an agent so you understand how you can help your clients.

# 5 on the Ultimate Real Estate Agent Checklist – Display Passion for your work

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Not that all your conversations you have with your family, friends or clients should always involve your work, but talking the adequate amount about real estate, the deals you’ve closed or your recent learning about the business helps renounce your love for what you do as well as shows everybody else that you love your job.

# 6 on the Ultimate Real Estate Agent Checklist – Be Patient

giphy (1).gif

Your client, at this point, will have plenty of thoughts that influence their decisions. They may want one thing now and a whole other thing in some time. It can really get tiring to agree with all your client’s wants, but be understanding and accommodating to a few changes if needed.

# 7 on the Ultimate Real Estate Agent Checklist – Take a Tour

giphy (2).gif

Plan a visit to the seller’s house and take an elaborate tour. Pay attention to everything very carefully so you gauge the condition of the property. This will help you understand what fixes you can suggest, to revamp the property before selling.

# 8 on the Ultimate Real Estate Agent Checklist – Find out the expectations

Your client will have certain expectations regarding the time to sell and the listing price. Find out what they have in mind to see if it’s feasible. Suggest what would be better alternatives at this point to help make the sale a lot smoother.

# 9 on the Ultimate Real Estate Agent Checklist – Thank your Client

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This isn’t a part of your listing presentation, of course, but following up with a thank you note will help maintain a good relationship with your client. Who knows, they may want to sell another property or refer you to a friend!


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