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9 Great Ways to Make the Most of a Small Kitchen

Do you have a compact kitchen? Does working in your compact kitchen get too messy? It can get awfully frustrating if you can’t function in your own kitchen, the way you want! And necessity is the mother of innovation! Here are a bunch of things you can try to make your kitchen a lot less messy and functional!

Tip #1 to make the most of a small kitchen – Get artsy with your kitchen tools

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As weird as that sounds, it’s a real hack for a small kitchen! Simply install a few hooks, nails, and hangers onto a wooden board and mount it on a wall near the countertops, of course, away from a child’s reach! Small cups, knives, pans, and other cutlery can be hung, all at plain sight, making it easy to reach for them when needed, And not to mention, you can have your own modern art!

Tip #2 to make the most of a small kitchen – Put away things you barely use

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We all own fancy china which just sit in our kitchen and look pretty. Put things you don’t use very often in a box and keep the box at the top of a shelf so that you can make room for things you pretty much use every day. When you want to use your fancy china (which you probably won’t), just use them and put them back!

Tip #3 to make the most of a small kitchen – Shower rods and paper holders are your best friends

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Yes, shower rods and paper holders. Shower rods can help save lots of space in your kitchen. Just install them wherever there is room vertically so you can attach hooks to your pans and ladles, and hang them to the shower rod.

Paper holders are versatile, you can store pretty much anything in them if you are a little creative. Store your bottles, tin foil, cling film, etc in them, or stack them up and superglue them together to create your DIV rack!

Tip #4 to make the most of a small kitchen – Minimize, minimize, and minimize

Consider decluttering to make maximum space. You may not want to get rid of most things in your kitchen, just like your fancy china. If you have 5 pans in your kitchen, consider keeping two. Similarly, go through everything you have in your kitchen and choose one or two of everything you’d like to keep and pack up the rest!

Tip #5 to make the most of a small kitchen – More and more shelves

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The market has gotten so creative with storage these days that you can find at least over 10 different types of shelves that work for you! Countertop shelves are real life savers because you don’t just get to store things in the shelf, but under the shelf too! Compartmentalize your shelves to squeeze in more things into them, without it seeming like you’re trying too hard.

Tip #6 to make the most of a small kitchen – Light it up!

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A well-lit kitchen often feels like a livelier, roomier kitchen. Replace dim lights with bright hanging lights to have more light in your kitchen. Consider adding glass if you have any plans of modifying your kitchen. This definitely improves the overall vibes, creating an illusion of roominess because of all the light seeping through.

Tip #7 to make the most of a small kitchen – Keep your countertops clean

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Clean, decluttered countertops add to how roomy your kitchen can look. Not to mention, your kitchen becomes a lot more functional when there isn’t stuff simply lying on your countertops. Make it a point to clean your countertops after you use the kitchen so that you don’t have to worry about it the first thing when you walk into the place.

Tip #8 to make the most of a small kitchen – Say YES to vertical storage

Untitled design (8) (8).png

Making your kitchen seem visually organized at least, if not practically organized, is actually the first thing to achieve. So, opt for shelves that help store your kitchen equipment vertically instead of horizontally. If you can custom build your shelves, nothing like it! You can also stack shelves on top of the other and fix them in place so you don’t have to waste any of your wall space!

Tip #9 to make the most of a small kitchen – Keep your kitchen neutral

A neutral colored paint or wallpaper can help your kitchen seem roomy, along with good lighting. If you’re thinking about making any modifications, consider painting your kitchen beige or white, or collars along those lines. To brighten up your kitchen, you can throw in a patterned carpet.
How do you best function in your kitchen? Let us know!


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