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10 Open House Ideas that Lead to Closings

An open house event brings a huge number of leads together, all under one roof! It draws in buyers so much more than just a listing would. When planned right, you can turn your open house into one of your best sources of finding clients for the present and future.

Here are our top ideas and tips that can turn your open house into a really successful one!

Open House Idea #1 – Promote your open house on your Radius Agent Profile, for FREE

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If you already have a profile on Radius Agent, you should be familiar with how you can promote your open house to the entire network of real estate agents. If not, you should seriously consider creating a profile with Radius Agent, only because it’s the largest real estate agent referral network. Send and receive qualified referrals to other agents in your network, and promote your listings like never before!

Open House Idea #2 – Do your homework

Buyers these days are extensively knowledgeable and very up to date about the current market trends, which makes it very much necessary for you to have studied up on other listings, data points, and market trends so you can interact with the buyers about the same, backing your story with hard facts. Your groundwork will reassure your potential clients that you’re a neighborhood expert and that they’re in good hands.

Open House Idea #3 – Market your open house event on Social Media

10 amazing Open House Ideas that actually help you Close

This is one of the best ways you can get people to notice your open house event. Hire a professional photographer to take quality shots of the property to post on social media. Make a video banner of the open house using a drone. Make a virtual tour video and send it to people who can’t attend the event.

You can also attract buyers who didn’t get a chance to see your social media activity by strategically placing open house signboards in the front yard.

Open House Idea #4 – Engage with your clients

Make it a point to put your phone away and converse with everyone who makes it to the open house event. Talk about the house with them instead of only putting updates on social media. You don’t want your potential clients to feel like you aren’t very focused on what you’re doing. Greet everyone with a smile and they will appreciate you for it!

Open House Idea #5 – Deal with all the minor repairs and updates

10 amazing Open House Ideas that actually help you Close (1)

The buyers definitely don’t want to see any leaky faucets, wet patches, or creeks that need sealing. Let the seller know that all the repairs need to be taken care of while the house is being staged for the open house event. It’s way better if you can also upgrade the house to have better lighting, small changes like door handles and knobs so that the house is more appealing.

Open House Idea #6 – Depersonalize, declutter

While staging the house, make sure to remove anything that is personal to the seller. Family photos and personal items on display during the open house event can contradict your idea of having the event in the first place.

Declutter as much as you possibly can. Empty closets, spacious cabinets, neat shelves make a great impression.

Open House Idea #7 – Let there be light!

10 amazing Open House Ideas that actually help you Close

Turn on all the lights inside the house to really pep up the atmosphere. During the upgrades, check if all the lights work well enough to brighten up the ambiance. If you think the lights are dull, you might want to change them. Also, keep the curtains open to let natural light into the house. Good lighting helps in creating a spacious aura in the house.

Open House Idea #8 – Invite the right people

Your open house event must not just be open to buyers, but also to other real estate agents, local newspapers, and neighbors. This helps you get to know the neighborhood and build your network. Interact with everyone who attends the event. Anyone could be your potential client!

Open House Idea #9 – Stage the house 

10 amazing Open House Ideas that actually help you Close (1)

Throw pillows are the trend of the season! Mix and match a few shades of the same color palette to make the room vibrant. Don’t go excessive with scents. Keep decor and styling to a minimum and do not clutter while you’re at it. White or light beige towels in the bathroom transform a regular bathroom into a luxurious one! Don’t go overboard with colors.

Open House Idea #10 – Create buzz on social media

Tweet about the open house, share a Facebook status, Instagram pictures, a live video even, while the event is still happening. This helps others get a glimpse of the event even when they didn’t show up. Again, don’t do it so much that you’re on your phone too much and the guests feel ignored. Find a balance.

Make a checklist of all these while you’re about to host an open house event and try to host one the day the listing hits the market. Tell us what you’re best open house ideas are!

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