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7 top Frequently Asked Questions by Home Buyers

If you are an experienced real estate agent, you’re probably aware of those questions that are frequently asked by house hunters. If you are a new real estate agent, you need to be aware of these frequently asked questions so that you don’t seem unprepared when you’re helping your client buy a house.

Frequently Asked Question # 1 – Should I actually buy a house?

Yup! The very first question that will have a house hunter befuddled as they are trying to buy a house. A lot of parameters contribute to this state of mind. Their job, current financial position, the necessity for a real estate investment, and so on. You, as a real estate agent, should be perceptive of how things stack so that you can guide the home buyer in the best way possible.


Frequently Asked Question # 2 – Is the house I’m about to buy a good deal?

Buying real estate can be very tricky, especially for a first time home buyer. Being a real estate agent, you are fully aware of all the pros and cons a real estate has to offer. Be as transparent as possible so the buyer actually understands what they are about to get out of their investment. This is also going to help them analyze their needs in a significantly better way, so they make an informed decision.


Frequently Asked Question # 3 – Why is the property being sold?

This question is a tricky one. The home buyer obviously doesn’t want to settle with a house that is simply being sold so that the seller gets rid of it. If there is a genuine reason why the house is being sold, you’re in the clear. If the house is put on the market because there are unresolvable issues with the house or the seller is leaving town, the buyer will want to know about it.

IS THIS (2)Frequently Asked Question # 4 – How long has this house been on the market?

This question is in conjunction with the previous question and for apparent reasons, the home buyer will not shy away from this question. If the house has been on the market for too long, you’re likely to be asked one too many questions about the house. Since this directly impacts how alluring the house is, the buyer will be very eager to learn a thing or two about the house.


Frequently Asked Question # 5 – Can I negotiate the price?

You, as a real estate agent, will have definitely come across this question, only a hundred times. So, at this point, you also know that the home buyer is really interested to buy the house, which is why they want to negotiate in the first place. If the answers to the previous two questions seem flaky to the home buyer, they will ask you if the seller would be okay to lower the price.

Frequently Asked Question # 6 – Are there things that I’m not aware of about the house?

As a professional real estate agent, you are sure to provide all the information the home buyer needs to make the purchase. But, the buyer will also want to know the things that may be wrong with the house. If the house is in a safe neighborhood, if there are any persisting pest problems, or if the house is haunted, even! Be prepared to answer all those questions that may even annoy you!

is-this-7-e1536214418216.pngFrequently Asked Question # 7 – Should I just rent a house instead of buying one?

Of course, the home buyer would’ve thought of this. Since a real estate investment is a huge one, the buyer would most definitely want to think about how the investment can alter their immediate future. You can explain to the home buyer about the perks of the investment like home equity and deduction of taxes.

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