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3 Ways to Improve Lead Generation

Lead generation is everything to a real estate agent. Considering the competitive market condition that is getting increasingly intricate, it can pose quite a difficult challenge to a real estate agent with regard to generating leads that end up converting.

So, how can you effectively attract and convert prospective clients into hot leads without having to succumb to the competition?

We here at Radius put in a lot of thought and effort to understand where and how a real estate agent can generate leads, latch on to them and finally convert them.

# 1 way you can improve your Lead Generation: Build your Network

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As a real estate agent, you must always be on your toes to meet new people and build your network.  


When we say people, we mean other top real estate agents, business influencers, buyers, sellers. Your network is a clear reflection of what your business is, which is why this tops our list.


Get yourself on the top agent referral network which has over a million real estate agent profiles. Get in touch with the top real estate agents in your locality. This is the best way to build a quality network that can enhance your lead generation significantly.

# 2 way you can improve your Lead Generation: Referrals

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Now that you have a well-constituted network, you need to empower it in a way that it aids you in lead generation. A referral is the most promising, yet cost-effective way for lead generation.

What is a referral?

The Referral Concierge Program on Radius allows you to submit and receive leads so that you can close the maximum number of deals.

When you submit a lead, Radius matches it with three top agents for your clients to work with, out of which a Primary Agent is chosen to take over. As a sending agent, you make 25% commission on close.

As a receiving agent, you will be matched with a qualified lead by Radius. So, you get to take over the lead and work with the client to close the deal.

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# 3 way you can improve your Lead Generation: Take center stage on the Internet

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Realistically speaking, no matter how many deals you close, if your presence on the internet is feeble, your game isn’t really strong because most people find real estate agents on the internet.

Having your website is a really good option to increase visibility, but having a profile on top real estate networks where your profile is viewed far more than your website, is what you need.

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This way, other top real estate agents, buyers, and sellers can get in touch with you, all through one platform, automatically increasing your lead generation and conversion rate.

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Like we mentioned earlier, lead generation is the key aspect of the job of a real estate agent and these three ways we talked about are tried and tested, so you really cannot go wrong. If we still haven’t convinced you, we highly recommend you try these out and see for yourself!
What are your top lead generation ways? Let us know below!  

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