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How Efficient are you as a Real Estate Agent?

It takes a lot of hard work and discipline to be a successful real estate agent. But, is that enough? Sit down for a minute, and just think of the past year. For sure, you’re doing things differently this year. Has that brought any change to your business? If not, you’re certainly doing some things wrong! Here’s what our experts at Radius have to say.

Have a Vision Board with a Success Meter

Sounds like something a high school kid would do, doesn’t it? But it works for you, too! Have all your goals, your milestones, your closed deals, the deals you’re working on, and your tasks for the day, all in one place. A visual stimulus is a great way to motivate yourself to unleash that Fired Up real estate agent from within you. Have a look at it every morning before work and make your updates after.

How else do you think we get through the day?

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Time Management is EVERYTHING

This should be your mantra. Say it, breathe it, eat it. If you’ve been a real estate agent for over a year, at least, you must have a good number of clients which means, meetings, showcasing property, interacting with buyers and sellers, making sales and transactions that follow, all day, every day. And you, like everybody else, have 24 hours. But how much do you do in those 24 hours?

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Build a SOLID Network

Having a well-established network is very crucial for you to be at the top of the ladder. Your network should essentially comprise of other top real estate agents, buyers, sellers and real estate experts. You can also generate fantastic leads that can graduate into closing. Radius is one platform that helps you with that. Being generally aware of the latest news in your locality, the properties that are going on sale, and being updated with all that transpire in the business will surely give you a head start!

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Chase those leads before they get away!

Finding leads is the first step to close deals, which you already know and have done before. But, how well are you utilizing multiple resources to find leads? If your answer is “not that many”, wake up! Harnessing platforms like Realtor, Radius, Zillow, Facebook, etc., is what you need to do. Build your profile and let the world see your work. This is sure to keep those leads flowing your way.

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Manage all your Client Relationships in one place

If you have a huge client base, you need a simple, yet powerful system not just to manage your relationship with them, but also to be able to record your actions so that you’re aware of everything you’re doing at all times. A CRM system is definitely the answer to this problem, but choosing a CRM that is really competent to suit your needs is what you really need. We, here at Radius made sure to design the best CRM that is so powerful, that it does most of the work for you!

Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 12.06.45 PM

Stay Connected

Don’t shy away from making conversations with all the key people in the industry. If not face to face, keep in touch with top real estate agents and your clients using messaging apps or email. Send them wishes on a holiday or an interesting article you find on the internet. You never know when you’ll need to talk to them again.

Let Radius Empower you

With Radius, everything you need, to be a thriving real estate agent is in one place. You can post your listing, share your search criteria, be a part of your local agent network, manage client relationships, communicate with other agents in the network, and increase your income, while you’re on the go!

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Radius goes that extra mile to help you find leads with its Referral Concierge Program where you can submit your leads to Radius and receive leads as well. The best part is, these leads are qualified by other top real estate agents as well as the Referral Manager at Radius. This way, you’ll keep closing a deal after another!

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Did we motivate you today? How about making those changes on your vision board now?


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