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The Ultimate Guide to “Dress for Success” – Real Estate Agent Edition

The first impression is really the only impression when you’re a real estate agent because your clients judge you based on your appearance, regardless of the number of deals you’ve closed in the past or how knowledgeable you are as a businessperson. Dressing to the part does not just impress your clients and peers, but boosts your confidence so you can always have your best foot forward.

Here, we’ll take you through a step-by-step guide to Dress for Success.

Dress based on Location


Mostly, the way you dress depends on “Location, location, location”. If you’re showing a property in a metropolitan setting, you’re required to be in a business formal attire, which makes you look very professional. But, if you’re showing a property in a town, it’s alright to wear business casuals.

Sometimes, dressing too formally can be distasteful if you’re showing a property in a vacation destination.

Keep up with the Current Trends


When you’re shopping, we recommend that you make some effort to include the current fashion trends in your wardrobe. Consider the colors of the season, accessories that are in vogue, different styles in fitting and fabric, even if they seem slightly outside your comfort zone. A good hair-do really helps to put your look together, like icing on the cake!

Invest in a few Handy Helpers

You’ll spend quite some time showing properties and attending meetings, which means you’ll need to spend extra time trying to get rid of those wrinkles on your clothes. Invest in a good clothes iron so you can prepare your outfits well in advance. You should also consider carrying a portable steam iron in your car for quick fixes in between meetings.

Accessorise, but don’t over Accessorise


Blingy jewelry, graphic ties, flashy colors, unique hats can have an adverse effect on your look altogether. The color of your hair and shoes also determines how professional you look. Stick to the basics like a simple watch, a neutral colored pair of shoes, one or two finger rings, a small, not too flashy bracelet, a bag that compliments your attire. All you need to do is to make sure that you don’t dress too far from what your business expects.


What to wear if you’re spending a day inside the office

You don’t have to worry about looking too formal inside your office, but that doesn’t mean you should dress like you’re at the movies. You can wear business casuals with a slightly relaxed fit so that you are comfortable.

For women, business casuals include shirt, blouse, skirt, dress slack, trousers, a long coat, sweater, flats or pumps for shoes.

For men, business casuals means polo shirt, semi-formal shirt, chinos, dress slack, jacket or coat, socks and formal shoes.

What to wear if you’re meeting your clients

Here, you’re required to dress formally because you need to make an impact on your clients during your meeting. Wearing a comfortable fit is really important because you don’t want any distractions during your meeting.

For men, business formals include a suit, button-down shirt, dark chinos, dress slack, dark socks, tie, formal shoes and a formal coat or a jacket. A formal crossbody bag can be used to accessorize your outfit.

For women, pantsuit, formal dress, dress slack, blouse, shirt, sweater, trousers, skirt suit, skirt, a formal coat or a jacket and closed-toe pumps.

In both cases, make sure to keep your clothes wrinkle-free, and remember to accessorize to a bare minimum.
Always remember, your clients will buy your appearance even before they buy real estate, which means, power dressing is really important. Put together an outfit that really works for you so that you can pair your clothes in a similar fashion, based on what your agenda is. Another pro tip is to prepare your outfit well in advance so that you don’t have to worry about a missing piece in the last minute.

We hope this helps you dress your best to impress your clients more than ever. Do let us know what your tips are to dress for success!


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