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19 Easy and Effective Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

The Real Estate business is a cut-throat competition and it requires a well-formulated strategy to market yourself as a real estate agent to stay ahead of the game, both online and offline. Here at Radius, we have put together a meticulous list of ideas you can use to market yourself as well as your listings to maximize your reach and sales.

  1. Get a Website

Having your own website can take you a long way in terms of visibility. Make sure to list all of your skills and specialties, your experience, awards, etc., so that a client who visits your website is impressed.

  1. Make your Website Mobile Friendly

Your clients will spend more time on their phones than on their computers. Having a mobile-friendly website enables your clients to consume your website content on the go.

  1. Create a Business Page on Social Media

A business page on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. can help you attract clients. Make sure to post relevant content to keep them engaged.

  1. Know your Competition

Do you know what other agents in your network are up to? Connect with them on various social platforms to find out more about them. Go through their websites and social media profiles to get a good idea.

  1. Have an impressive Business Card

Create your own business card or contact a professional. Keep it simple, yet expressive of you as a business. Your end goal is to make every bit of that small piece of card count!

  1. Get yourself on an Agent Network

Radius is a great example for a referral network with over a million agent profiles. Showcase yourself on the network to receive qualifies leads, market your property, post your search criteria, communicate with other real estate agents and your clients, maintain all your business relationships in one place using the CRM, all on the go!

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  1. Start blogging

When a client wants to work with you, they’ll want to know as much as possible about you. The best way, not to mention, a very effective way, is to create engaging content and publish your experience as a real estate agent, tips and tricks your clients can use, on platforms like WordPress or Medium.

  1. Have a list of FAQs handy

Make sure you have a “knowledge base” that answers some of the most frequently asked questions on your blog site. This can save so much time later on when a client e-mails you about a confusion they have. All you have to do is send them the link!

  1. Market your website and blog

A very simple way to bring traffic to your website and your blog site is by sharing your work on social media. Using Quora, Facebook, Reddit and similar platforms, taking part in discussion forums can help promote your work.

  1. Hire a Professional Photographer

When it comes to a listing, pictures speak louder than words. No matter how carefully crafted your description is, your clients will definitely want to see what the property looks like. And believe us, pictures taken casually on your phone won’t do! Your best option here is to hire a photographer and let them do the work for you.

  1. Take advantage of Pinterest Boards

These are terrific to provide information on your listing using images and text. You can highlight your listing by making use of the beautiful pictures your photographer provides by creating a Pinterest Board. You can further feature the best aspects of your property is a super creative way.

  1. Launch Email Campaigns

Let your clients know what you’re up to from time to time. Create an email campaign by making use of the many free tools that are available online. Send newsletters, blogs, and other relevant content to keep your clients in touch with your work.

  1. Let your Happy Customers speak for you

Ask your former clients for testimonials for your website. You can also make beautiful social media posts using these testimonials so your future clients can be well aware that they’re in good hands.

  1. Design a Referral System

Let our clients know how much it means to you when they refer you to their family and friends. Present them with an incentive every time you are referred so that they’re motivated and appreciated.

  1. Create your own Personal Brand

Hire a designer to create a good logo that represents you as a brand. Add your logo to your business card and to your social media posts as a signature so that your clients can recognize you and your business by your logo. A great logo is everything to establish yourself as a brand.

  1. Give away Merchandise

Brand a few things like sunglasses, caps, pens, etc. with your logo and give them away at an open house. You could also design a simple flyer with an overview of your achievements and give it along with your branded merchandise. This way, you’ll never go unnoticed.

  1. Use “LIVE” on Social Media

Facebook Live and Instagram Stories are huge hits if you want to show a sneak-peak of the property you listed, to let your viewers know about the status of a property, or even generally about your day.

  1. Engage your online Audience

Host small giveaways on your social media pages to keep your clients and followers engaged at all times. Let your followers know about a contest you’ll have using Facebook Story and Instagram Story. Select a winner and award them with some of your merchandise.

  1. Don’t forget to Thank your Clients

After a sale is made, make it a point to thank your client by sending them a Thank You Card. This helps maintain good relationships with your clients. Remember to send them Holiday wishes and wishes on their special day. You never know how much of an impact a small gesture has!

Tell us what your trusted marketing ideas are! If you tried any of these, let us know how they went!

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