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Radius | The Real Estate Business is Revolutionizing. Here’s How!

There are several reasons why one would choose to be a real estate agent. You can choose your work hours, set your own schedule, strategize everything on your own and potentially make big bucks. You can start off in a matter of a few weeks and be your own boss. The number of hours you put into work does not regulate the money you make.

But, you also have to devote plenty of time, a certain amount of money and a lot of effort. Since you’re your own boss, you learn the market and the business on your own. You build your lead lists, manage your clients’ requirements, promote yourself as a business, maintain relationships, and have a good network.

However, you can use certain tools that help you stay in touch with the latest trends in the real estate business, find credible leads and grow your network.

Radius – Revolutionizing the Real Estate Business

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Radius is the fastest growing referral network for agents with over 700,000 agent profiles in the referral network and over 30,000 leads generated and counting. It’s a stand-alone platform that helps you stay connected with your clients, find hot property leads and exchange referrals, so you can be a proactive real estate agent, on the go!

Getting started has never been so simple

Radius has partnered with CRS, SAMCAR, and AREAA, integrated with MLS and subscribed to Zillow, Trulia, and So, all you have to do is find your already furnished profile and login to build it or create your profile. Include your specialties, your professional and personal details to build your profile and showcase it. If you’re a CRS designee, just login.

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Connect with your Local Agent Network

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Select cities and neighborhoods you serve and be a part of your local network. Connect with your local Real Estate Agents and get updated with recently active properties, recently closed properties, and everything else in your locality. Recommend a property to your client when you find one that fits their requirements. Create your own private network and invite other agents to join.

Share your Search Criteria

Create a post by selecting the specifications of the property you are looking for and share your search criteria with all the agents present in your network by posting it to specific groups, and by emailing it to other agents. Sit back, relax, and let Radius find a property that matches your Search Criteria.

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Post your listing

Create a property you represent with its specifications, and market it by sharing it with your network to maximize reach. When another agent views your property, they can contact you, recommend your property to their clients, and share your property post to their network. Radius matches your property with another agent’s Search Criteria and notifies them and you about the match.

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Manage all your business relationships in one place

Using the in-app CRM, add your client information by simply importing from a spreadsheet, syncing your Google contacts or manually, and maintain their details so they’re at your fingertips at all times. Set reminders so you never miss a meeting. Keep track of all your property listings and search criteria in one place. Get an overview of your tasks, matches, prospects, and leads, along with statistics of your transactions, leads, and conversions.

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Communicate with ease

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Connect with other agents using the in-app messenger which allows you to share pictures and contacts, and recommend properties, without a hassle. Recommend properties to your clients by sending professional, branded property emails using the messenger, and consolidate your correspondence, all in one place.

Increase your income through referrals

Boost the number and the quality of referrals using the Referral Concierge Program, which helps you find some of the best, qualified leads, resulting in your business’ organic growth. Refer a lead to Radius and your Referral Manager will make sure the needs of the client are understood. They’ll find the top 3 agents and introduce them to your client via email so your client can choose whom they want to work with. Your Referral Manager will ensure the take-over is seamless and keep you updated, every step of the way.

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More about the Referral Concierge Program

4 to 5 of every 10 referrals conclude in a sale, which means, you can earn 10% to 15% of your annual income through referrals. By sending Radius a referral, all you have to do is kick back and let a qualified agent work with your client. Plus, as a sending agent, you earn 25% on close!

How Radius helps some more

If you’re swamped with work and don’t have the time and patience to verify if a client graduates to a potential closing, Radius will help you qualify just that! By means of the ISA Referral Program, submit your leads via the app, a spreadsheet or contact Concierge to direct your leads through online sources like Zillow, Trulia or into your CRM, and let the professionals at Radius take care of qualifying your leads and notifying you about them.

For more help, skim through the Knowledge Base too!

If you’re a dynamic, smart-working and career driven real estate agent, Radius is definitely the place to be! Join to be a part of the largest and fastest growing referral network for agents, today!


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