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6 Things Buyers do that tick off Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents spend most of their time interacting with their clients, who are either buyers or sellers. During these interactions, they experience certain things that they absolutely cannot stand. If you’re about to buy a property or sell one for that matter, you need to work with a real estate agent for things to happen in the best way possible. But in your pursuit of doing so, you may want to be careful so you don’t annoy your agent.


# 1 that’ll tick off your Real Estate Agent: Being Fickle Minded

“I want a huge front yard and an open kitchen. No, I think the backyard should be bigger so we can have a pool. I’m not sure about an open kitchen anymore.” How about “make up your mind”? This can especially be annoying because you will simply not arrive at a concrete set of requirements that helps you finalize a property.

What you should do instead

Have a vision board that helps differentiate your wants from your needs. Remember, your needs are more important than your wants. You can always upgrade by incorporating your wants but have a definite plan really helps. Oh, and make sure you have this figured out BEFORE you interact with your agent!

# 2 that’ll tick off your Real Estate Agent: Acting like a big “Know-it-All”

This happens more frequently than anything and this can really offend a real estate agent, and not just annoy them. Clients often “act” like they know what they’re doing by providing inputs throughout the home buying process, which are often null and void than otherwise, and come across very smug.

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What you should do instead

Leave it to the pros! You chose your agent because they are good at their job. A little trust won’t do any harm. It’s alright to provide your inputs to your agent, but validate them before you present them with something because you don’t want to appear obnoxious.

# 3 that’ll tick off your Real Estate Agent: Not Being Loyal to your Agent

Agents hate it when Their clients go behind their back to speak to another bunch of agents, for obvious reasons. As a buyer or a seller, you choose the agent you want to work with. Why would you want to get opinions from other agents? Do you not trust your own judgment? Doing this will certainly get you on your agent’s naughty list!

What you should do instead

Trust your agent. That’s really it. Be aware of the top real estate agents in the locality you’re buying or selling your property, go through their profile on popular sites like Zillow, Radius, so you know your agent to an extent. Making an informed decision right from the start helps you avoid this whole picture altogether.

# 4 that’ll tick off your Real Estate Agent: The “Dream Home” Theory

Buyers always tend to have the “I want my home to be like this” motive and it’s quite unrealistic in a real estate agent’s mind. Bringing your expectations to life can be possible, but irrelevant, and impossible (in case you want a unicorn stable, for example!). Like we mentioned before, understanding your wants from needs does the trick.


What you should do instead

The vision board trick will come to your aid here, too! All you need to do is separate realistic expectations from the dreamy ones. Talk to your family and friends to realize what’s feasible for you and your home. This should also make sense with you expenditure if your “Dream Home” theory can be brought to life.

# 5 that’ll tick off your Real Estate Agent: Holding a Candle to “that” house

Buyers tend to weigh the house they’re about to buy against another house which may belong to their friend, or the place they grew up at, or the home they currently live in. Ideally, this may not work for many reasons. Your agent will not be able to find a property for you with those very specifics, just because you’re emotionally inclined towards having them at your new home.

What you should do instead

Your agent will definitely understand all that you need with your new property, but there’s only so much they can do too. Don’t expect your new home to be much like your old one. It’s new! Make the most out of it!

# 6 that’ll tick off your Real Estate Agent: The Disappearing act

This one is just cringed upon. Your agent will stick with you until the deal is closed. But for some strange, unexplained reason, clients run off without meeting the contract deadlines, don’t return text messages or phone calls, and are never heard from again. This is a severe loss to a real estate agent as well as the seller

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What you should do instead

See your deal through! Need we say more?
By now, you should be aware of your dos and don’ts when you work with your real estate agent. Oh, and you’re welcome!


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