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Inman News Tech talk: Agentdesks shows off fancy updates

Craig Rowe from Inman News reviewed Agentdesks back in October and since then we’ve come a long way! Craig agreed 🙂

Here’s his review of our “fancy” updates (reposted from Inman News).

Our favorite line — He called us a “handheld pocket rocket of a relationship management system”. That sounds about right.

— —

Key Takeaways

  • Agentdesks is small but mighty and has boosted its strength with some app enhancements.
  • Enabling agent-to-agent and team communication will lead to bigger, better things for residential real estate.

Some of the most fun cars to drive are small cars. The Ford Focus RS. Civic Type R. And Volkswagen’s Golf R.

Despite their size, they can duke it out with plenty of offerings from higher weight classes.

This is how I see San Francisco-based Agentdesks, a mobile-first agent productivity app I first reviewed last fall. Its goal was — and is — to help smaller teams and independent, more nimble brokerage shops.


Since then, this handheld pocket rocket of a relationship management system has amped up its horsepower thanks to a 3-million-dollar cash infusion and the fuel to change the way agents work with one another.

It also has 8,000 users, with more signing on every day.

Agentdesks new feature highlights

Agentdesks has boosted its in-app messaging tools, bolted-on lead gen connections from all three major portals and IDX Broker and empowered agent-to-agent connectivity to help streamline the way buyers find listings.

For those rare times, users aren’t on a mobile device, Agentdesks built a compatible browser version with an equally sleek user experience.

It maintains its algorithm-driven property-to-client matching tool and despite its ease-of-use, integrated automated tips to foster adoption.


In my original review, I mentioned the software was in its infancy. Welcome to adulthood, Agentdesks.

The software is available for iOS, Android and your web browser of choice. (Probably not IE.)


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