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5 Non-real estate apps perfect for real estate agents

When scouting for new apps to use in your business, there are definitely some gems to be found under the keyword search ‘real estate’ (such as a terrific real estate communication app) however it’s a good idea to expand your search beyond your industry. Begin by thinking about the problem you’re trying to solve and chances are there’s an app it. These 5 apps aren’t marketing to realtors directly but they certainly address challenges that agents face and have the potential to be game changers for you. For best results, combine these apps with our 5 tips for boosting productivity and you’ll be unstoppable.

  1. Shoeboxed



Agents collect receipts like millennials collect Pokemon and Shoeboxed does something amazing. They’ll send you a pre-paid envelope every month and you send them your paper receipts. Within a few days, they return your receipts after entering the data into Quickbooks. THAT’S IT! Go ahead and make your accountant’s day by trying out Shoeboxed. Did I mention that they have a mileage tracker as well? This is the beginning of a whole new you.

2.  Giftagram


Real estate has a few cardinal sins, and failing to give a closing gift is one of them. Giftagram has curated a collection of unique, high-quality gifts to choose from that your clients will love and that will leave a lasting impression. And the best part? You can send the gift via text or email and Giftagram will collect the mailing address and send the gift on your behalf. Giftagram is free to download and ships across the U.S. and Canada.

3. Venmo


‘It’s so easy to keep track of all of my purchases and get reimbursed in a timely and accurate manner’, said no realtor ever. This is why Venmo is your friend. The free payment app links to your credit/debit card and makes requesting or sending payment smooth, easy and NOT awkward.

4.  VSCO


Ever wonder how some agents make iPhone photos look like a real estate fairy tale? Meet VSCO, Instagram’s chic, alternative cousin. The interface takes some getting used to but the filters are pretty amazing and for .99-$3.00 you can purchase even more filters that will knock people’s socks off. So snap away during property tour or just while you’re out on the town and clients will think you’ve picked up a new hobby.

5. Evernote


I have a confession — I’ve written about Evernote before…But I stand by it and think that it deserves every word of praise I’ve given it. Think of Evernote as a clean digital post-it where nothing ever gets lost because it’s saved automatically. Start the note on your phone, add to it on your desktop and share it in 2 clicks. This might be the note app that makes you go paperless.

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