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5 Free and Easy Ways to boost your Productivity in Real Estate


We’ve found that a remarkably consistent challenge for Agents is that of being efficient with their time. To an extent, irregular hours come with the territory. Your clients are the ones with the 9–5’s, expecting you to be available after hours and on the weekends. This means that unless you want to work around the clock, you should look for ways to help you save time and your sanity. Here are 5 tips for saving time that don’t have a learning curve and best of all, they’re FREE!

1. Take time to plan your day, realistically

This may sound simple but spending a few extra minutes at the beginning of each day mapping out your appointments based on the most efficient routes can save you a surprising amount of time. Another component to this is making sure don’t overbook yourself. Running perpetually 5–10 minutes late and coming off stressed is the wrong impression to give. Your clients will respect and trust you more for being timely and organized.

2. Have marketing materials and listings presentations on hand

You truly never know where your next lead will come from, or when it will present itself. To avoid scrambling at the last minute and compromising on quality, you should prepare marketing materials and a template listing presentation that you can quickly customize for potential clients. Be sure to include your bio, general information about your area of expertise (i.e. schools, restaurants/shops, hiking/biking trails etc.) an updated list of comps and if you have it, a list of your recent sales.

3. Prioritize your clients

We’ll say it so you don’t have to — some clients deserve more of your time than others. Here are a few ways to identify these clients:

  • How motivated are they? Are they an expecting family looking to upsize? This qualifies them as motivated, so find them a home, QUICK!
  • What are they looking for? If it’s not their forever home, they’ll be selling, and buying again, and if they’re happy with your service the first time around (and if you maintain a good relationship) that could mean two more deals for you down the road.
  • Do they have friends…? The most sustainable real estate business is one that grows from referrals. Take extra good care of your socialite clients. Really great real estate agents are gems and clients will want to refer you!

5. Use technology to your advantage

Agentdesks frees you from the tethers of your computer and allows you to manage your business on-the-go so you never having to worry about getting back to the office. You can update your database, manage your schedule and even send properties to your clients from your phone. Best of all, it costs zero dollars.

Other tools you should keep in your arsenal include the Dropbox app, which makes it easy to share important documents from your phone and Evernote Scannable, with which you can consider your days of sorting through notes officially over.

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