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10 Real Estate Blog Ideas to Generate Local Leads

By Amanda Webb on October, 12 2021

The real estate industry is a competitive one, and it takes careful planning and execution to ensure that you are generating enough leads to meet your monthly goals. One way of doing this is by creating an effective real estate blog strategy that targets your ideal audience, addresses their pain points, and gets them to take action on what they read. This post will discuss 10 topics every real estate agent should cover in their blog to rank on Google and generate local leads.

Why You Need a Real Estate Blog

Many agents overlook blogging as a marketing tool or just write about themselves without providing value or specifying what they can do for their readers. A blog can provide several benefits to a real estate agent, including:

Lead generation: Blogs will drive more traffic to your website. The more blog posts you have, the more your website will rank in Google searches, and the more qualified leads will come your way.

Inexpensive: It's a low-cost marketing tactic that provides high-converting content to build trust with your audience and your search engine ranking. When you're writing the blogs yourself, all it costs you is time. The good news is you can repurpose those blogs into other areas of your marketing plan, such as social media.

Builds Reputation: Potential clients do their research before contacting agents. Blogging allows them to get a glimpse into how much you know about the industry and the communities you serve. Consumers want an agent that they can trust, and blogging allows you to set that foundation with the content you share.

Real Estate Blog Ideas

Now that you better understand why you need a blog and the benefits of adding one to your marketing plan, here are the top 10 local real estate blog ideas you should be using when creating content.

1. Community News

One topic you can use when writing content for your blog is community news. To stay current on community news, start attending the local city council meetings or subscribe to key newsletters and websites. When you're among the first to learn about changes happening where you live, you can be the agent that shares the information with local residents and others looking to move into the area.

Examples of community news would include:

  • New businesses coming to town
  • Road work taking place
  • New developments
  • Changes to property taxes

2. Local Events

Is your town known for putting on events and bringing the community together? Use those events in your marketing! As soon as you know when the event is taking place, add it to your real estate marketing plan and highlight it on your blog. Be sure to include information such as when and where it's taking place, why the event is important, the history of the event, and what event goers can expect.

The great thing about highlighting annual events is that you can reuse the content every year and just update the information to reflect the new date and time.

Be sure to include photos from the event in your blog post where possible!

3. Spotlight a Local Business

As a real estate agent, you're a small business owner; what better way to generate leads and make connections than working with other small business owners?

When you know who your target audience is, you're able to interview and write about local businesses they would be interested in. By offering to spotlight a small business in town, they may allow you to leave marketing material in their shop as well. Creating partnerships with local businesses opens up more networking opportunities and more chances for you to get your name and brand out there.

How can you incorporate your ideal client into featuring small businesses? Here are a few examples:

  • In-home daycare options for parents who are looking for childcare alternatives
  • Traveling dog groomer for busy professionals
  • New service offerings in your neighborhoods, like fitness centers, salons, dry cleaning and more

4. Local Restaurants

Another great blog topic is talking about local restaurants, and there are so many different categories restaurants could fall into - such as the type of food served, the style of restaurant (casual vs. date night), and what the restaurants are known for.

What's special about highlighting local restaurants is you tend to frequent them more often than you would a local boutique. There's a reason people become regulars at a restaurant, and the staff gets to know them. Think about the local restaurants and eateries you frequent in your area and how you can bring awareness to them.

Here are a few ways you can write about the restaurants in your area.

  • The best place to get a burger
  • Top local breweries
  • Favorite date night restaurants
  • Best coffee shops

5. Highlighting the School District

It's no secret that homes in top districts sell faster and for top dollar; what better way to get new residents into the community than highlighting the very thing that is at the top of the list for most parents and home owners.

There are a number of ways you can showcase the school district on your blog that goes beyond just what the district offers.

  • Awards won by the district
  • How well students did in competition - in both sports and fine arts
  • Interview the valedictorian to learn how the district prepared them for the future
  • Spotlight a teacher that is going above and beyond

Most parents ask real estate agents about the school district, so make sure you have available resources to send them.

6. Housing Market

Information about the local housing market should be included in all aspects of marketing for real estate agents. You are not only the expert on the community, but you're also the expert in what's taking place within the real estate industry. It's important to discuss trends you're seeing, including the rise and fall of mortgages, the length of time houses are sitting on the market, and interior design trends.

7. Parks and Recreation

Are you an avid runner? Are your kids involved in the local sports team? Does your community have an amazing water park for families to use during the summer? All these things could be used as content on your real estate blog.

Nowadays, most areas provide their residents with parks, trails, city sports leagues, and other leisurely activities to participate in and meet others in the area. Why not bring awareness to those opportunities?

If you love running - share the best running trails, and always remember to point out houses for sale along those trails. Golfer? Write about the top golf courses in the area.

Share information about the upcoming sports seasons and when the deadlines are to register.

Talk about spaces that are available for rent through the city, the best dog parks, and any other amenities your community has to offer.

8. Notable Residents

Who wouldn't want to brag that someone famous is from or living in the same city as them? Celebrities, famous athletes, and the wealthy tend to flock to certain areas. Why not highlight those celebrities or other notable residents that have made their mark on your city?

Here are a few ways you can do that.

  • Interview a local celebrity and ask about why they chose to live in your area. What do you love most about where you live? How often are they recognized when out and about town?
  • If you have a local sports team, highlight the players and why they chose your area to play in.
  • Let everyone know which celebrities call your city home by listing what they are most known for.
  • You could also point out movies and TV shows filmed locally by sharing photos of the filming location.

9. Neighborhoods

If someone is new to the area, they may be wondering which neighborhood is right for them. Where are the safest neighborhoods? Where can they find affordable housing or starter homes?

Point out trends you see within neighborhoods, such as where you notice a lot of young families living, where you notice more of the singles and professionals, and the areas that cater to retirees.

When writing about neighborhoods, consider including information such as the average homeowner's age, how long the average homeowner has lived in the neighborhood, different amenities offered within the neighborhood, crime rates, and which schools serve the neighborhood.

10. Real Estate Information

Different from housing trends, general real estate information needs to be included in marketing for real estate agents to help their clients through the home buying and selling journey.

To stand out when sharing this general information and use it to generate leads for real estate agents, the content that is being shared needs to empathize with the target audience.

For example - if your ideal client is young parents moving into a larger home, instead of telling them to keep their house show-ready, provide tips on keeping a clean house even when they have a toddler running around. Educating your clients on things like escalation clauses, escrow deposits, and home inspection contingencies highlight your expertise. 

Get Started with Your Real Estate Blog

Blogging is a great way for a real estate agent to make a name for themselves within the community. Remember, when it comes to producing content, it's quality over quantity! Spend time carefully crafting each post so it's valuable and interesting for the readers and keeps them coming back for more.


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